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Wounds Of Wordplay

  • (Martin Jenkins)

    Well it only takes a moment, a careless moment so I believe
    When the tongue becomes a razor, and it always a scar will leave
    When the time comes for a showdown, don't show how low down you can feel
    For wounds of wordplay, dressed in anger, only time alone will heal

    And who knows if the blade be mightier than the written word
    Or semantic gladiators pen and paper never need
    For they may taunt, tease and worry, feint and parry crossing swords
    And I know it isn't easy saying sorry after words

    Even when all is said and all seen
    Two hearts held at word point may never agree
    And when all has been spoken and done
    At the end of the day never say what they mean

    Silence may be golden, or be the cold and unwritten rule
    May be light as any bright star, or be the darkness of unlit coal
    Take one small spark to ignite and just a hot breath to fan the flame
    Burning bridges and sharpened edges, and wounding wordplay begins again

    (as sung by Whippersnapper)

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