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Ye'll No Sit Here

  • (Anon)

        Oh but I will sit here! - No but you'll no sit here!
        Oh but I will! - No but you'll no!
        Oh but I will sit here!

    It was doon at Ardnadam, sitting on the pier
    When I heard the polis shout, You'll no sit here

    There was Chief Inspector Runcie enhancing his career
    Prancing up and doon the road like Yogi Bear

    He sent for help tae Glesga, they nearly chowed his ear
    We've got the 'Gers and Celtic demonstrators here

    He telephoned the sodgers, he didnae mak' it clear
    The sodgers sent doon Andy Stewart tae volunteer

    He telephoned the White House, but a' that he could hear
    Was, Twa, one, zero - and the line went queer
    'Cos' Jack had dropped the H-bomb and he gie'd hissel' a shroud
    And he met wi' Billy Graham on a wee white cloud

        Last chorus:
        Oh but I will sit here! - No but you'll no sit here!
        Oh but I will! - No but you'll no!
        Oh but I have sat here!

    (as sung on the show 'The Glasgow Eskimos', Glasgow Folk Festival 1994)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1961:] "Dunoon police cells were packed to capacity. [281] demonstrators had been brought in by busload after being arrested at Ardnadam Pier. Even the gale which whipped up the river Clyde into an uncrossable fury could not stop more than a thousand demonstrators staging their sit-down strike at Ardnadam Pier." (Sunday Post, Sep 17)

  • [1984:] [See notes 'Ye Cannae Ban Polaris When It's Raining']

    Other demonstrations were met with slightly more tolerance [than the first one] and the attitude of the police seems to have been a curious and understandable mixture. "The polis are fascinated by every reference to themselves. ... They don't know whether they're folk-friends, folk-villains, folk-comedians or folk-crowd scenes. But they do know that they're accepted as folk-somethings and relax. They're quite photogenic as they tap out time to the old banjo, and join in the chorus-singing. ..." [Quoted from booklet of 'Ding Dong Dollar'.] Morris Blythman, one of the chief anti-Polaris organisers and song-writers, also commented, "The police received a bad press for their handling of demonstrators ... they reassessed the situation and next time they sent Glasgow policeman Det. Inspector Runcie, famous for his expertise in crowd control. We made up a special song for Runcie ... when the police heard it, they tried to look serious!" [...]

    The tune derives from Hey Jock, ma Cuddy, but was more appreciated popularly as Ye'll no shite here; a variant has been collected in Arkansas. This song is hilariously funny and is of the rebel-burlesque genre. Runcie it seems was flattered at thus being immortalised in song. (Munro, Revival 68ff)

Tune: Hey Jock, Ma Cuddy

Quelle: Scotland

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