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Yesterday's Men

  • (Phil Coulter)

        Farewell my companions, my friends and my workmates
        Farewell to the payday, the pints and the crack
        We gave them our best years now they've paid us back
        By making us yesterday's men
        Sure as hell
        By making us yesterday's men

    'Twas Joey the weasel that gave us the wire
    They were closing the factory down
    Though we didn't believe him and called him a liar
    The redundancy letters came round
    And we read them in silence, I choked back a tear
    It was hard to believe after twenty-odd years

    We said our goodbyes by the factory gates
    One cold Friday evening last year
    And I saw it all there in the eyes of my mates
    The anger, the sorrow, the fear
    Like our fathers before us we worked there with pride
    Now I fought back the bitterness burning inside

    Now Jimmy, said she, Give the kids a few bob
    After all, it is Friday night
    How could I tell her that I hadn't a job
    And from now things were going to be tight
    Well I remember it cut like a knife
    I was never a day on the dole in my life

    The machines now are idle and the workbenches bare
    There's dust on the factory floor
    They've boarded the windows and they've chained up the gates
    And they've padlocked the factory door
    And I'm on the scrap-heap, and I'm thirty-nine
    Just one of the hundreds, cut down in my prime

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1983:] Cilla and I like Scotland very much, it's a nice place to live, but there are a lot of things wrong with it. The one thing I think is terrible is the unemployment. A lot of people are being made unemployed, and nothing seems to be done very much about trying to find new jobs for these people. I heard this song the day that they announced that one of the distilleries near us was closing - it must be getting bad if whisky places are closing! And this factory is in an area where there is already 30 per cent unemployment, so the people there don't really have a chance of finding another job. And hearing this song on the same day as that news came out was - quite an experience. It's a great song, by a man called Phil Coulter, 'Yesterday's Men', and I think it's exactly how some of these people must feel when they're made redundant and laid off. (Intro Artie Trezise, live recording)

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