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Yesterday's People

  • (Mary Flaherty / Finbar Furey)

    Words which are wasted, words which are weak
    What do we live for and what do we seek
    Some way to love their man, some way to speak
    To yesterday's people with yesterday's dreams

    They've lived in this world for so many years
    Fought in the wars but still long for peace
    But now they look back on what might have been
    For yesterday's people with yesterday's dreams

        Once my soul it would rise to the sound of love singing
        But the sounds of my childhood have long been forgotten
        I could dance without tiring from morning till evening
        But my old heart is wasted and my body grows feeble

    Once we were young, we too had our dreams
    To climb every mountain and see everything
    But now we grow older and colder it seems
    We're yesterday's people with yesterday's dreams

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by Finbar Furey)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1981:] This song is mostly by Mary Flaherty. She wrote it for her mother who is the owner of Flaherty's Pub in Dingle. Her generation has seen two wars and a lot of trouble in Ireland, yet still they are longing for peace. It is a song for young people, too. The young generation owes it to the old generation to talk to them, to love them, to make them feel useful and needed. (Notes 'Folk Friends II')

  • [1984:] Written by Mary O'Flaherty for the deep love of her parents and how in this new world she can give them some comfort and tell them they're still wanted and needed. (FSB 12)

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