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You Are The Only Song

  • (Harry Chapin)

    I've sung it all tonight
    Almost every story I know
    And soon when they turn out the lights
    I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go
    I'm getting hoarse and I can't get the high notes
    Just a whisper when I'm singing down low
    But when you sing from the inside
    You hope that something shows

    That's why you're the only song
    You're the only song I need
    You're my laughter, you're my lonely song
    You're the harvest, you're the seed
    You're my first song, you're my final song
    Yes, you own me indeed
    And that's why, after all's said and done
    You are the one song I need

    I've sung my songs to silence
    To empty clubs, to crowded bars
    I've sung my songs to standing room
    I've even sung them to the stars
    But the faces soon fade together
    And the applause is gone so fast
    And the story of every darkened stage
    Is that the glory doesn't last
    That's why, after all's said and done
    You are the one song I need

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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