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You Don't Need A Dog

  • (Peter Nardini)

        But you don't need a dog
        Sweetheart, you don't need a dog
        Bark, bark, you don't need a dog
        You've got me

    You might need the pills, you might need the thrills
    The tomato plants on your windae sills
    You might need to pay the telephone bills
    You might need to climb the mountains and hills
    You might need to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea

    You might need to scream, you might need to dream
    You might feel like a cog inside a machine
    You might fill your lungs with nicotine
    Or you might need those jars of beauty cream
    You might need to climb to the very top of the tree

    I'm getting used to dog's abuse
    My bark is worse than my bite
    I'm learning to beg, I'm lifting my leg
    I'm wagging my tail with delight
    Every time you come into sight

    You might need a cat to live in your flat
    To keep doon the mice and things like that
    Or what aboot a desert rat
    Or maybe even a vampire bat
    You might even want your very own chimpanzee

    Wouf, wouf!

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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