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You Don't Speak For Me

  • (Judy Small)

    You who scribble on walls with your miniscule minds
    You who make midnight calls, you who rattle my blinds
    The violence you preach is the core of your creed
    You don't speak for me

    You call yourselves patriots, swastika-style
    You feed on the fear of the ignorant child
    There's no love of nation or people or land
    In the hatred behind your smile
    You don't speak for me, no you don't speak for me

    I've seen where you come from, I've seen where you lead
    It's a poisonous fruit that grows from your seed
    You stir up the hatred till something explodes
    You don't speak for me

    You who slaughter free creatures and then call it sport
    You proudly display the corpses you've shot
    You talk about freedom and rights and control
    You don't speak for me

    You who poison the airwaves with Ghengis Khan views
    You broadcast your bias and call it the news
    You say that you speak for the millions out there
    And deny that you're lighting a dangerous fuse
    You don't speak for me, no you don't speak for me

    You don't speak for me, you don't speak for my friends
    We've followed that line, we've seen where it ends
    Intolerance, hatred, division and strife
    You don't speak for me

    You who march in your hundreds of thousands for peace
    You who work for political prisoners' release
    You who fight the injustice of women ignored
    You speak for me

    You who combat apartheid wherever it's seen
    You who struggle to keep the unique forests green
    You who fight for the rights of all people in chains
    You speak for me, you speak for me, you speak for me

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1991:] I wrote this song when there was a lot of neo-nazi activity in Sydney, and their leader was on TV one night spouting his vile racist comments and saying he believed that he spoke for eighty per cent of the Australian people. And I said out loud to my TV set: Well you don't speak for me! (Intro Judy Small)

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