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Young Paul

  • (Jeremy Taylor)

    How about it, Ethel, said old Sid
    Ain't it time we had a kid
    Thirty years and nothing to show
    Something ought to be done, it did

    Don't try those dirty tricks on me
    Said Ethel, You know I don't agree
    With all that filth
    I've always lived my life respectably

    But for thirty years, old Sid said
    It's been as cold in our marriage bed
    As the winter of '47,
    So for God's sake show some life before we're dead

    Now Ethel Brown was surprised
    To see her belly increase in size
    It's quite obscene, she said
    She had always known such things were most unwise

    Young Paul was a miserable looking thing
    Like bones tied up in a piece of string
    And most of the time he cried
    And most of the time they let him cry

    One day the baby chanced to rest
    His tiny hand on Ethel's breast
    Get off, she screamed
    This little brute, he's sex-obsessed

    Now, Sid was not such a bad old chap
    But after lunch he liked his nap
    And sometimes Paul would yell
    So Sid would rise in wrath and give him a slap

    And when Paul was old enough
    They went on a seaside holiday to Kent
    And there they sat in deck-chairs
    With newspapers they were content

    The mighty waves came rolling in
    And Paul was terrified by the din
    And he tried to run away
    Don't be a sissy, Ethel said, and pushed him in

    As Paul grew up he began to stutter
    And Mum and Dad were heard to mutter
    What's the matter with him?
    If he can't control his tongue he must be dim

    And when Paul was seventeen he fell
    In love with a girl he knew quite well
    He took her home one day
    Who's that you've got down there, he heard Sid say

    It's j-just a f-f-friend, said young Paul
    Cho's c-c-come to say hello and all
    Take her back, said Ethel
    We don't want to know

    Now Paul is away in a mental home
    His Mum and Dad sit all alone
    And wonder what went wrong
    We did our best', they say - but he wasn't strong

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1984:] If you've ever spent half an hour or so speaking to a social worker, or a youth worker, or perhaps a schoolteacher you'll know that the story of young Paul is just no exaggeration at all. (Iain MacKintosh, intro 'Home For A While')

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