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The Grey Cock

Words: Collected mostly from Dorset, England.
Tune: Probably Scottish.

    Saw you my father, saw you my mother
    Saw you my true love John ?
    He told his only dear that he would soon be here
    But he to another is gone.

    I saw not your father, I saw not your mother
    But I saw your true love john
    He's met with some delay that causeth him to stay
    But he will be here ere long.

    When I came to my true love's door
    I gently tirled the pin
    My true love she arose and she slipped on her clothes
    And so softly she let me in.

    All the forepart of the night
    We did both sport and play
    And all the last part of the night
    She slept in my arms till day.

    Fly up fly up my bonny grey cock
    And crow when it is day.
    Your breast shall be like the bonny beaten gold
    And your wings of the silver grey.

    The cock he proved false and untrue he was
    For he crew an hour too soon
    My love she thought it day and she hastened me away
    And it proved but the blink of the moon.

    The wind it did blow and the cocks they did crow
    As I tripped over the plain.
    I wished myself back in my true love's arms
    And she in her bed again.

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