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Night Visiting Song

England and Scotland.
Tune: "The Sweet Bann Water".

    I must away, I'll no longer tarry,
    The Sweet Bann Water I mean to cross,
    And over the mountains I'll go with pleasure,
    To spend a night with my own sweet lass.

    Though the night be as dark as a dungeon,
    Not a star to be seen above,
    I will be guided without a stumble
    Into the arms of my own true love.

    When he came to his true love's window,
    He knelt gently upon a stone,
    And through the window he whispered slowly,
    My darling dear, do you lie alone ?

    She raised her head from her downy pillow,
    And slowly raised her milk-white breast,
    Saying, Who is this at my bedroom window,
    Disturbing me at my night's rest ?

    Arise, arise, it's your true lover,
    Arise, my love, and let me in,
    For I am weary of my long journey
    And I am wet, love, unto the skin.

    It's up she got, with greatest pleasure,
    For to let her true love in.
    They both embraced and they kissed each other,
    And till morning they lay as one.

    The cocks were crowing, the birds were whistling,
    The night drew on to the break of day.
    Remember, lass, I'm a ploughboy laddie,
    And the farmer I must obey.

    Now, my love, I must go and leave you,
    To climb the hills, they lie high above,
    But I will climb with greatest pleasure
    Since I've been lying with my love.

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