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Tadpole Tunes, the First Thirty

A collection of jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes, waltzes, slides and slip jigs, written by Ron Clarke.

Tadpole Tunes, the First Thirty, was written in 1983, with the following inscription inside the front cover:

"These tunes were originally written for the mandolin and tenor banjo, as part of the self-imposed task of learning musical notation (tadpoles), an artificial aid to music that I had hitherto scorned. Having written them, I wanted to share them, so I have had them printed.
Also, I am a show-off !"

The tunes were taken up by a number of very kind people, and the slim, self- published book went through two printings. It is currently out of print, out of stock, and unavailable for sale.

Astonishing !

The Second Thirty is still available, though.

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