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Aird's Tunes II, sheets & midi files # 1 - 99

© All original copyrights respected / for private use only

Aird's Tunes II
Aird's Tunes II / # 100 - 200
Midi # 1 - 99 replayed and sequenced by © Ron Clarke
Copyright notice and music reference

My Love She's But A Lassie Yet : 00000001.mid

Marias Frolic : 00000002.mid

Behind The Bush In The Garden : 00000003.mid

German Quick March, A : 00000004.mid

Jockey To The Fair : 00000005.mid

1st Turks March : 00000006.mid

2nd Turks March : 00000007.mid

The Barring Of The Door: 00000008.mid

Mc Crae's Fancy: 00000009.mid

The Capuchin: 00000010.mid

Tadie's Wattle: 00000011.mid

Donald Cooper And His Man: 00000012.mid

Lass Gin Ye Loe Me Tell Me Now: 00000013.mid

Maggy's Wame Is Fu I True: 00000014.mid

Quick March 2nd Battn. Of Royals: 00000015.mid

To The Weaver Gin Ye Go: 00000016.mid

The Peacock: 00000017.mid

Killycrankie: 00000018.mid

Chester Castle: 00000019.mid

The Tenth Of June: 00000020.mid

The Rakes Of Mallo: 00000021.mid

I Wish You A Merry New Year: 00000022.mid

A Bonny Lass To Marry Me: 00000023.mid

The Steward's Lodge Song: 00000024.mid

Quick Step 25th Regt.: 00000025.mid

Shammie Breeches: 00000026.mid

Drops Of Drink: 00000027.mid

French Taptoo: 00000028.mid

O'er The Hills And Far Awa: 00000029.mid

Irish Lasses: 00000030.mid

Over The Water To Charlie: 00000031.mid

Miss Jamieson's Jig: 00000032.mid

A Trip to Clumber: 00000033.mid

A Trip to Clumber. For the Ger. Flute: 00000034.mid

Rosette. Quick Step: 00000035.mid

I wish I may die if I do: 00000036.mid

Andrew and his Cutty Gun: 00000037.mid

2nd Quick Step 2nd Battn. Royals: 00000038.mid

Loch Ness: 00000039.mid

Cotillon: 00000040.mid

The Merry Ploughman: 00000041.mid

Joseph's Frolick: 00000042.mid

The Whigs Of Fife: 00000043.mid

Stumpie: 00000044.mid

Capt. Ross's Reel: 00000045.mid

The Weazle: 00000046.mid

Neapolitan Threshers: 00000047.mid

The Millers Daughter: 00000048.mid

La Polonese: 00000049.mid

A Favourite Strathspey: 00000050.mid

Quick Step 45th Regt.: 00000051.mid

Johnny Cope: 00000052.mid

Jackson's Dream: 00000053.mid

Sussie: 00000054.mid

Quick Step South Fencibles: 00000055.mid

The Auld Man ill ne'er die: 00000056.mid

An Ye Had Been Where I Ha'e Been: 00000057.mid

Just As I Was In The Morning: 00000058.mid

Quick March 1st Battn. Royals: 00000059.mid

To Danton Me: 00000060.mid

Shurleys Fancy: 00000061.mid

The Spa: 00000062.mid

Bessy Bell and Marry Gray: 00000063.mid

Le Fette De Village: 00000064.mid

The Merry Meeting: 00000065.mid

Pady's Resource: 00000066.mid

Pady's Resource, for the German Flute: 00000067.mid

A Favourite Highland Quick Step. 73. Regt.: 00000068.mid

Major John Bruce's Quick Step: 00000069.mid

Sandy Oer The Lee: 00000070.mid

Sailor Laddie: 00000071.mid

The Ale Wife And Her Barrel: 00000072.mid

Black Jock: 00000073.mid

Mount Your Baggage: 00000074.mid

Parlalaw, a German Tune: 00000075.mid

When she came ben she bobed: 00000076.mid

Quick Step 23rd Regt.: 00000077.mid

Quick Step 33rd Regt.: 00000078.mid

Cotillon: 00000079.mid

La Counterfaitte: 00000080.mid

Bonny Lass of Livingston: 00000081.mid

Quick Step 40th Regt.: 00000082.mid

Staten Island Hornpipe: 00000083.mid

Notingham Castle: 00000084.mid

Tit for Tat: 00000085.mid

Jenny Nettles: 00000086.mid

Fy gar Rub her o'er wi' Straw: 00000087.mid

The Merry Girls of York : 00000088.mid

The Merry Girls of York - for the Violin: 00000089.mid

Quick Step 10th Regt.: 00000090.mid

The Jubilee: 00000091.mid

The Lasses of Melross: 00000092.mid

Poor a purse but routh o' Credit: 00000093.mid

Well a go to Kelso: 00000094.mid

The Inverness Scots Measure: 00000095.mid

When I follow'd a Lass: 00000096.mid

Tail Toddle: 00000097.mid

Quick Step 44th Regt.: 00000098.mid

Kiss me fast my mother's coming: 00000099.mid

Aird's Tunes II / # 100 - 200

Aird's Tunes II