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Aird's Tunes II
Midi # 1 - 200 sequenced by © Ron Clarke    Copyright notice and music reference

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Aird2, sorted by type

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le Fette De Village D 2/4

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Cotillon G 2/4
Cotillon G 2/4
Cotillon G 2/4

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Staten Island Hornpipe D C|

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Aldridges Dance G 6/8
And will you be D 6/8
the Barring of the Door G 6/8
Behind the Bush in the Garden G 6/8
Bessy Bell and Marry Gray D 6/8
Black Jock G 6/8
Blow Zabella G 6/8
the Capuchin D 6/8
Chorus Jig D 6/8
la Counterfaitte G 6/8
the Doctor G 6/8
Drops of Drink Em 6/8
Drub the Rogues G 6/8
the Drunken Drummer G 6/8
Eppie McNabb ADor 6/8
the Farewell D 6/8
the Flight D 6/8
a Friend in Need D 6/8
Genl. Carleton's Quick March D 6/8
a German Quick March D 2/4
Giga G 6/8
the Good thing D 6/8
Happy Clown G 6/8
the Hemp Dressers G 6/8
the High Way to Dublin DDor 6/8
Humours of Graignamanoch D 6/8
I wish I may die if I do D 6/8
I wish you a merry new Year D 6/8
Irish Lasses Em 6/8
Jackson's Dream D 6/8
Jockey to the Fair G 6/8
Johnny Macgill Em 6/8
Joseph's Frolick D 6/8
Just as I was in the morning D 6/8
Kiss me fast my mother's coming D 6/8
Lass gin ye loe me tell me now AMix 6/8
the Lasses of Melross G 6/8
Linnen Hall G 6/8
Little Skirmish D 6/8
Lovely Mally D 6/8
Major John Bruce's Quick Step G 6/8
Marias Frolic D 6/8
Mathew Briggs ADor 6/8
the Merry Girls of York D 6/8
the Merry Girls of York. for the Violin Bb 6/8
the Milk Maid D 6/8
Neapolitan Threshers D 6/8
New York Girls G 6/8
Oak Stick D 6/8
Oak Stick New Way AMix 6/8
On dit qu ia quinze ans D 6/8
Over the Water to Charlie D 6/8
Pady's Resource F 6/8
Pady's Resource, for the German Flute D 6/8
the Pantheon G 6/8
Quick March 10th Regt. D 6/8
Quick March 1st Battn. Royals D 6/8
Quick March 2nd Battn. of Royals D 6/8
Quick March East York Militia G 6/8
Quick Step 10th Regt. Bm 12/8
Quick Step 23rd Regt. G 6/8
Quick Step 26th Regt. G 6/8
2nd Quick Step 2nd Battn. Royals D 6/8
Quick Step 40th Regt. D 6/8
Quick Step 45th Regt. G 6/8
Quick Step 55th Regt. G 6/8
la Rosalia G 6/8
Rosette. Quick Step G 6/8
Sailor Laddie G 6/8
Siugue G 6/8
the Spinning Wheel Em 6/8
Sweet Willy O D 6/8
Tit for Tat DMix 6/8
a Trip to Sligo G 6/8
the Weazle G 6/8
Well a go to Kelso G 6/8
When I follow'd a Lass G 6/8
When she came ben she bobed ADor 6/8

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Dublin Volunteers Quick March G 2/4
Genl. Carleton's Quick March D 6/8
a German Quick March D 2/4
Killworth Volunteers Quick March G 2/4
Marche Francoise D 2/4
Quick March 10th Regt. D 6/8
Quick March 15th Regt. D 2/4
Quick March 1st Battn. Royals D 6/8
Quick March 2nd Battn. of Royals D 6/8
Quick March East York Militia G 6/8
1st Turks March G C
2nd Turks March G C
Wilkes's Release or Quick March 48th Regt. D 2/4

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A Bonny Lass to marry me G C
the Auld Man ill ne'er die G C|
Bonny Lass of Livingston Em C
Boyne Water Em C
Braes of Balwhedar G C
the Brothers G C
the Buffoon Dance D C|
Calimbe:West India G 2/4
Capt. Ross's Reel G C
Chester Castle D C
Double Kisses C C
Duke of Perth's Reel G C|
Duncan Gray G 2/4
le Fette De Village D 2/4
Fy gar Rub her o'er wi' Straw Am C
Gallway Girls EM 2/4
Jenny Nettles Em C
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel D C
the Lillie D C
Maggy's Wame is fu I true D C
Marquis of Huntleys Reel Am 2/4
McCrae's Fancy D C|
the Merry Meeting G 2/4
My Love She's but a Lassie yet D 2/4
the Peacock Bmin C
Peep of Day G C|
the Rakes of Mallo G 2/4
Shammie Breeches G C
Shurleys fancy G C|
Tadie's Wattle G C|
the Tenth of June ADor C|
Unanimity G 2/4

Slip jig
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the Bucket DMix 9/8
Why should I not like my Love Am 9/8
Woo'd and Married and a' G 9/8

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Andrew and his Cutty Gun Em 2/4
the Auld Man's Mare's Dead ADor C
a Favourite Strathspey D C
Killycrankie D C
Loch Ness Bm C
the Ruffians Rant Em 2/4
Sussie D 2/4
To danton me ADor C

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Aire de l'Opera Francoise G C
the Ale Wife and her Barrel G C|
An ye had been where I ha'e been Bm 2/4
Batchelors of every Station G 2/4
Because he was a bonny Lad G C
la Bisette G 2/4
Bonny Charlie Em C
the Bonton G 2/4
the Braes of Auchtertyre D C|
the Button Hole G 2/4
Campbell's Allemande D 2/4
Donald Cooper and his man EDor 2/4
a Favourite Highland Quick Step. 73. Regt. G C
the Feathers D C
French Taptoo G 2/4
Good Night and Joy be wi' you all D C
the Inverness Scots Measure D C|
John Anderson my Jo for the German Flute Am 2/4
John Anderson my Jo for the Violin or Fife Em 2/4
Johnny Cope Am C
the Jubilee D 2/4
Love and Opportunity G 2/4
Maggy Lawder D C|
the Merry Ploughman G 2/4
the Millers Daughter Dmix C|
Miss Jamieson's Jig D 2/4
Miss Sackvile's Fancy D 2/4
Moar Nein I Giberlan ADor 2/4
Mount your Baggage D C|
My Dearie an thou die Am 2/4
Notingham Castle G 2/4
Nottingham Races G 2/4
O gin ye were dead Gude-man. For the Ger. Flute G C
O La my Dear:West India D 2/4
O'er the Hills and far awa ADor C
O'er the Muir to Maggy G C|
the 14th of October G C
Parlalaw, a German Tune G C
the Parting Kiss G C
la Polonese G 2/4
Poor a purse but routh o' Credit Em C
Prince Ferdinands Quick Step D 2/4
Quick Step 12th Regt. G 2/4
Quick Step 13th Regt. G 2/4
Quick Step 25th Regt. G 2/4
Quick Step 2d. Regt. G 2/4
Quick Step 33rd Regt. D 2/4
Quick Step 44th Regt. G 2/4
Quick Step South Fencibles G 2/4
la Rochelle DMix 2/4
Ross Castle GLyd 2/4
Sandy oer the Lee G 2/4
the Savage Dance with Variations G C|
Saw ye Johnny Coming co she G C
Sir John Malcolm Bm C
the Sows Tail to Geordie D 2/4
the Spa D 2/4
the Steward's Lodge Song D C
Stumpie G C|
the Sutors of Selkirk G 3/4
Sweetest Lassie D 2/4
Symon Brodie Em 2/4
Tail Toddle G C
This is not my Ain House D 2/4
To the Weaver gin ye go G 2/4
a Trip to Clumber D 2/4
a Trip to Clumber. For the Ger. Flute G 2/4
the Whigs of Fife Em C|

Aird's Tunes II