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The complete Index of midi-files sequenced by Ron Clarke
My Tunes

A Horse Named Bill bluegrass Bluegrass
A Plague of HuntsmenslideTadpole Tunes
A Thaidhg, a RúnreelCeltic Reels
Achonry LassesreelCeltic Reels
After Battle of AughrimmarchCeltic Tunes 1
After FloodhornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Alexander's HornpipehornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
An droa Breton danceCeltic Tunes 2
An GliomachreelCeltic Reels
Ankle BitershornpipeTadpole Tunes
Annamaculeen ReelreelCeltic Reels
Another Jig Will Doslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Another Late NighthornpipeTadpole Tunes
Anthony Frawley's JigjigCeltic Tunes 2
Apples in WinterjigCeltic Tunes 2
Arran BoatairCeltic Tunes 2
Arthur Darley's JigjigCeltic Tunes 2
Ash PlantreelCeltic Tunes 1
AsheswaltzTadpole Tunes
Athol Braes (1)reelCeltic Tunes 2
Athol Braes (2)reelCeltic Tunes 2
Baby FishespolkaTadpole Tunes
Banish MisfortunejigCeltic Tunes 1
Barley GrainbluegrassBluegrass
Bashful BachelorreelCeltic Tunes 1
Battle of GlencoewaltzCeltic Tunes 2
Bay of FundyreelCeltic Tunes 2
Bean a'Tí ar LárreelCeltic Reels
Belles of TipperaryreelCeltic Tunes 2
Bicentennial ReelreelTadpole Tunes
Big Pat's ReelreelCeltic Tunes 1
Bird in CagereelCeltic Tunes 1
Blackthorn StickjigCeltic Tunes 1
Blackthorn Stick (1)reelCeltic Reels
Blackthorn Stick (2)reelCeltic Reels
Blackthorn Stick (3)reelCeltic Reels
Blooming MeadowsjigCeltic Tunes 2
BluebellsreelCeltic Reels
Boat Street LassesreelCeltic Tunes 1
Bog Down in ValleypolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Bounce Upon BessjigCeltic Tunes 1
Boy in Basketslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Boys of LakereelCeltic Reels
Boys of MalinreelCeltic Tunes 1
Bridge of Athloneslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Brigham YoungbluegrassBluegrass
Brown-eyed GirlreelCeltic Reels
Buckeye JimbluegrassBluegrass
Bucks of CarranmorereelCeltic Tunes 2
Buffalo SkinnersbluegrassBluegrass
Bush Walker Tadpole Tunes
Butcher's BoybluegrassBluegrass
Butterflyslip jigCeltic Tunes 2
Cabri WaltzwaltzCeltic Tunes 2
Cancelled TripmarchTadpole Tunes
Castle KellyreelCeltic Tunes 2
Castlebar TravellerreelCeltic Tunes 2
Cat Rambles to Child's SaucepanslideCeltic Tunes 2
Cavan ReelreelCeltic Reels
Celebrated Opera ReelreelCeltic Tunes 1
Church StreetpolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Clare ReelreelCeltic Reels
Coming Home from BogreelCeltic Reels
Communications BreakdownragTadpole Tunes
Copper PlatereelCeltic Tunes 2
Coppers & BrassreelCeltic Tunes 1
Corn is RipejigCeltic Tunes 2
CornhillreelCeltic Tunes 1
Crib of PerchesreelCeltic Reels
Cronin's Hornpipe (1)hornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Cronin's Hornpipe (2)hornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Cuckoo BirdbluegrassBluegrass
Daniel of SunjigCeltic Tunes 2
Dark IsleairCeltic Tunes 2
Dashing White SargeantpolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Daughters, Will You Marry ?bluegrassBluegrass
Davy Knick-knackpolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Days of '49bluegrassBluegrass
Dead Marshesslip jigTadpole Tunes
Denis Murphy'spolkaCeltic Tunes 1
Denis Murphy'sslideCeltic Tunes 1
Devil's DreamreelCeltic Tunes 2
Dinny O'Brien's ReelreelCeltic Tunes 2
Dispute at Cross-roadsreelCeltic Reels
Ditherum Doodleslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Don't be FoolishreelCeltic Tunes 2
Dowd's FavouritereelCeltic Tunes 2
Down BroomreelCeltic Tunes 2
Drill, Ye Tarriers, DrillbluegrassBluegrass
Drowsy MaggiereelCeltic Tunes 1
Duke GordonreelCeltic Reels
Dunmore LassesreelCeltic Tunes 2
Dunphy'shornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Ewe ReelreelCeltic Reels
Fairhaired BoyjigCeltic Tunes 1
False Alarmsdouble jigTadpole Tunes
Far From HomereelCeltic Tunes 2
Fiddler's Elbowdouble jigTadpole Tunes
Fiddler is DrunkreelCeltic Tunes 1
FingabendapolkaTadpole Tunes
Flogging ReelreelCeltic Reels
Flower of FlockreelCeltic Tunes 2
Follow Me Down to CarlowslideCeltic Tunes 1
Fortyslow airTadpole Tunes
Forty Pound FloatpolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Fourpenny GirljigCeltic Tunes 1
Foxhunter's Jigslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Freckle Facedouble jigTadpole Tunes
FroggetsreelTadpole Tunes
Fruit for LadiesjigCeltic Tunes 2
GalopedepolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Galtee RangersreelCeltic Reels
Galway BaysongCeltic Tunes 2
Gatehouse MaidreelCeltic Reels
Give Me Your HandwaltzCeltic Tunes 1
GlenallenreelCeltic Tunes 1
Green CockademarchCeltic Tunes 1
Green GatesreelCeltic Reels
Green WatermarchTadpole Tunes
Ground HogbluegrassBluegrass
Groves of ErinreelCeltic Tunes 1
Gurgling of Churnslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Gurty's Frolicsslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Halting MarchmarchCeltic Tunes 1
Hard and It's HardbluegrassBluegrass
Hare in CornerreelCeltic Reels
Hieland LaddiebluegrassBluegrass
High JigjigCeltic Tunes 1
High ReelreelCeltic Tunes 1
Highlander's KneebucklereelCeltic Reels
Hills of LorneairCeltic Tunes 2
Humours of BallyconnellreelCeltic Tunes 2
Humours of DrinaghjigCeltic Tunes 1
Hunter's HousereelCeltic Tunes 2
Hunters of KentuckybluegrassBluegrass
I Have No MoneyreelCeltic Reels
Idle RoadjigCeltic Tunes 1
Inimitable ReelreelCeltic Tunes 2
Irish WasherwomanjigCeltic Tunes 1
Irishman's BlackthornreelCeltic Tunes 1
Jack Fitzpatrick's ReelreelCeltic Reels
Jenny and WeazelreelCeltic Tunes 1
Jenny JenkinsbluegrassBluegrass
Jenny Picking CocklesreelCeltic Tunes 1
Jip Sligslip jigTadpole Tunes
John HardybluegrassBluegrass
Johnny's Welcome HomereelCeltic Tunes 1
Johnny, I Do Miss YoupolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Johnson BoysbluegrassBluegrass
Julia DelaneyreelCeltic Tunes 2
Junior Crehan'sreelCeltic Reels
Katy CruelbluegrassBluegrass
Kennedy's JigjigCeltic Tunes 2
Kentucky BootleggerbluegrassBluegrass
Kid on Mountain (1)slip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Kid on Mountain (2)slip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Kildare FancyhornpipeCeltic Tunes 1
King of Fairiesodds+sodsCeltic Tunes 1
Kitty O'ConnormarchCeltic Tunes 2
Knights of St. PatrickjigCeltic Tunes 1
Knocknabowl ReelreelCeltic Tunes 2
Knotted CordreelCeltic Reels
Lady on IslandreelCeltic Tunes 2
Lannigan's BalljigCeltic Tunes 1
Lasses of Sligoslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Late Rundouble jigTadpole Tunes
Leatherwing BatbluegrassBluegrass
Leaving Port Fairyslow airTadpole Tunes
Left-Handed WhistlemarchTadpole Tunes
Leitrim ReelreelCeltic Reels
Lily of WestbluegrassBluegrass
Lisheen ReelreelCeltic Reels
Lomanach CrossreelCeltic Reels
Long Way RoundreelTadpole Tunes
Lucy CampbellreelCeltic Tunes 1
Maid Behind BarreelCeltic Tunes 2
Maid of Mt. CiscoreelCeltic Tunes 2
Maid of MullaghmorereelCeltic Reels
Man of HousereelCeltic Tunes 2
March of MillipedesmarchTadpole Tunes
Mason's ApronreelCeltic Tunes 1
Master Henry's ReelreelCeltic Reels
Mayor Harrison's FedorareelCeltic Tunes 2
McDermott's HornpipehornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
McGoldrick's ReelreelCeltic Reels
McKillopsmarchTadpole Tunes
McMahon'sreelCeltic Reels
Megan GreerhornpipeTadpole Tunes
Merrily Kiss Quaker's WifejigCeltic Tunes 1
Merry BlacksmithreelCeltic Tunes 1
Merry HarriersreelCeltic Tunes 2
Merry ThatcherreelCeltic Tunes 1
Midnight on WaterwaltzCeltic Tunes 2
Mil na MaidíreelCeltic Reels
Miss Catherine Brosnanodds+sodsCeltic Tunes 1
Miss Dunphy's HornpipehornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Miss JohnsonreelCeltic Reels
Miss LangfordreelCeltic Reels
Missing GuestreelCeltic Tunes 2
Mossy Banks (a)reelCeltic Reels
Mossy Banks (b)reelCeltic Reels
Mother's DelightreelCeltic Tunes 2
Moving in DecencyreelCeltic Tunes 2
Muddy BootsslideTadpole Tunes
Munster CloakwaltzCeltic Tunes 1
Murphy's ReelreelCeltic Reels
My Love with Yellow Locksslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
NancypolkaCeltic Tunes 1
New HousereelTadpole Tunes
New York GirlspolkaCeltic Tunes 2
NewcastlepolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Next Door's CathornpipeTadpole Tunes
Nine Hundred MilesbluegrassBluegrass
North WindwaltzTadpole Tunes
Number Fifty EightreelTadpole Tunes
O'Callaghan's ReelreelCeltic Reels
O'Carolan's Concertoodds+sodsCeltic Tunes 1
O'Connell's Farewell to DublinreelCeltic Reels
O'Connell's Trip to Parliament (1)reelCeltic Reels
O'Connell's Trip to Parliament (2)reelCeltic Reels
O'Flynn's FancyreelCeltic Reels
O'Keefe's SlideslideCeltic Tunes 1
Oak TreereelCeltic Reels
Off to CaliforniahornpipeCeltic Tunes 1
Oh, Babe It Ain't No LiebluegrassBluegrass
Old Brown Slipperslip jigCeltic Tunes 2
Old Dan TuckerbluegrassBluegrass
Old Grey GanderreelCeltic Reels
Old Oak TreereelCeltic Reels
Old Orange FlutejigCeltic Tunes 1
Old Time ReligionbluegrassBluegrass
Olinda WaltzwaltzTadpole Tunes
Over Moors to PeggyreelCeltic Reels
Paddy Fahey's JigjigCeltic Tunes 1
Paddy WhitereelCeltic Tunes 1
Pain in Neckdouble jigTadpole Tunes
Painted LadypolkaTadpole Tunes
Pastures of PlentybluegrassBluegrass
Pat Horgan's Polka No. 1polkaCeltic Tunes 2
Pat Horgan's Polka No. 2polkaCeltic Tunes 2
Peeler's PocketreelCeltic Reels
Peter StreetreelCeltic Reels
Pinch of SnuffreelCeltic Reels
Piper's WeddingreelCeltic Reels
Planxty Irwinodds+sodsCeltic Tunes 1
Plinka PolkapolkaTadpole Tunes
Plum JampolkaTadpole Tunes
Pope's ToereelCeltic Tunes 1
PortsmouthpolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Possums in Plum Treesslip jigTadpole Tunes
Pride of CloontareelCeltic Reels
Primrose GirlreelCeltic Reels
Quinn's ReelreelCeltic Reels
Railroad BillbluegrassBluegrass
Rain Stopped PlaymarchTadpole Tunes
Rakes of KildarejigCeltic Tunes 1
Rakes of MallowpolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Ratsdouble jigTadpole Tunes
Rattigan'sreelCeltic Tunes 1
Reel to ReelreelTadpole Tunes
RerlmarchTadpole Tunes
ReturnspolkaTadpole Tunes
Reynold's ReelreelCeltic Tunes 1
Rights of ManhornpipeCeltic Tunes 1
Ríl Dicí ScarlógreelCeltic Reels
Ríl LiamreelCeltic Reels
Road from Mountaindouble jigTadpole Tunes
Rocky Road to Dublinslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Roll in My Sweet Baby's ArmsbluegrassBluegrass
Rolling in Rye Grass (1)reelCeltic Reels
Rolling in Rye Grass (2)reelCeltic Reels
Rolling in Rye Grass (3)reelCeltic Reels
Rose TreepolkaCeltic Tunes 2
RubyhornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Sail Away LadiesbluegrassBluegrass
Salamanca Reel (1)reelCeltic Tunes 1
Salamanca Reel (2)reelCeltic Tunes 1
Sally AnnbluegrassBluegrass
Sally GardensreelCeltic Tunes 1
Sara's ReelreelCeltic Reels
ScarterglenpolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Shady GrovebluegrassBluegrass
Shandon BellsjigCeltic Tunes 1
Siege of EnnispolkaCeltic Tunes 1
Silver SpearreelCeltic Tunes 1
Sinner ManbluegrassBluegrass
Sliabh na mBanhornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Sligo MaidreelCeltic Reels
Soldier's JoypolkaCeltic Tunes 1
Son of Spoddouble jigTadpole Tunes
Speed PloughreelCeltic Reels
Spill CiderreelTadpole Tunes
Spod Frogdouble jigTadpole Tunes
Sporting PaddyreelCeltic Reels
Squeeze Your ThighsjigCeltic Tunes 1
St Mary'spolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Stafford's ReelreelCeltic Tunes 1
Star of KilkennyreelCeltic Tunes 1
Staten IslandpolkaCeltic Tunes 1
Sticky FlypolkaTadpole Tunes
Summer in IrelandreelCeltic Reels
Swallow's TailreelCeltic Tunes 1
Sweeney'spolkaCeltic Tunes 2
Sweets of MayslideCeltic Tunes 1
Tameen's ReelreelCeltic Reels
Tenpenny BitjigCeltic Tunes 1
Tinkers ApronreelCeltic Reels
Tom SteelereelCeltic Reels
Tommy Coen's ReelreelCeltic Reels
Tripping Up StairsjigCeltic Tunes 1
Two Birds in TreereelCeltic Reels
Unfortunate Cup of TeareelCeltic Tunes 1
UnnoticedwaltzTadpole Tunes
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Reels
untitled reelreelCeltic Tunes 2
untitled reelreelCeltic Tunes 2
untitled reelreelCeltic Tunes 2
untitled reelreelCeltic Tunes 2
untitled reelreelCeltic Tunes 2
untitled reelreelCeltic Tunes 2
Upstairs in a TentreelCeltic Reels
Wabash CannonballbluegrassBluegrass
Welcome Piperslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Wexford ReelreelCeltic Reels
Whistle, Daughter, WhistlebluegrassBluegrass
White CockadepolkaCeltic Tunes 1
Who cares?waltzTadpole Tunes
Why didn't I love Maire ?slip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Wildwood FlowerbluegrassBluegrass
Will You Come Home With Me ?jigCeltic Tunes 2
Wink and She'll Follow Youslip jigCeltic Tunes 1
Wonder HornpipehornpipeCeltic Tunes 2
Yabby Under PumphornpipeTadpole Tunes

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