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The Fermoy Lasses / The Gravel Walk
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Schlagsaite : Handmade Folk Music In North-Germany

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Thanks to Sean and Robin Luth for help to built this site . The current pages are marked with an English flag if the reference is in English or with a German one if it is in German. If you like Irish or Scottish music like I do the reference is marked with an Irish or a Scottish flag, including english text. Since the German and English pages will often have the same contents, you should follow your flag when browsing in English to avoid loading pages in the wrong language.

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We hope you will enjoy our pages. Feel free to give us a feedback or not to the address in the top window or send us your URL depending on folk music by signing our Guestbook, so long and c.u.

Carsten, Alec, Sean and Henry

The Group

current lineup 

Carsten and Henry are German, Sean is Irish and Alec (Sandy) is Scottish.

The musiciants of Schlagsaite are from 3 countries, which means the influence on the music comes from different roots and ends as a result of non-authenthic-music mixed with traditional and present feelings of 4 musicians. If you put it all together you have got it, its go to Fun - Folk , not at all great to hear, its fun for us to do it !

The pronounciation of the groups name supports a wanted mistake in German understanding, the real meaning of the constructed word Schlagsaite could be Strummed String, but most people hear it as Schlagseite which is like to be a bit unsteady on one's feet. While playing always sober in pubs, the keeper told us about the visitors the more they hear, the more they'll drink ! Sorry about that.

The sets are always Irish, Scottish, German and "Plattdeutsch" which is an old local language in North Germany. It is something between German and Dutch, Sean found it easy to learn because he is familair with Sandy's Scottish accent. Many people in Germany like Celtic music and we have many songs available with a traditional Irish / Scottish / English AND German text. It is easy to line up in two languages, change the lead vocal, key and text and it fits the needs of the present public.

All arangements are selfmade in a naturally manner to be able to perform the music at any time or place outside on the street or indoors. Though we have a good technical equipment we like to play unplugged and enjoy the pure sound. We found it more worth to present our music to living people than to be present in TV or Radio.( we know we would be good enough ) We treat Folk Music in its true sense, music for folks is made by folks with their traditional instruments and matchless typical voices.

German Uncle Carsten on 5-String-Banjo, Dobro and Double-Base is the youngster of the group. His deep voice can be a unique steam wistle. He is a resourceful entertainer and inventor too. He created a capodaster for the Double-Base named "Oma = Grandma", which works best. "Oma" is older than Carstens sister looks. He never tells the truth, but this is a lie too.

German Sir Henry prefers " light " instruments like Bodhrán and Whistle. He likes melodious ballads and tunes. Once he would like to be a drummer, but now he tries to keep the group going forward in steady time. To avoid flames of pure Irish bodhránees watching his self-tutored style of playing he now declares created a new instrument : The Bodhrum ! (speak: bow-drum). He also has to keep this site updated.

Irish Master Sean is a gentle Irishman from Wexford. He plays all instruments with 8 strings. His balanced temperament enables his ability to play Irish tunes on Mandola or Mandoline in an easy manner. Since he got the internal membership No. 008 of our group, we were told his undercover name is Octopus. We don't believe it, but we are not sure !

Scottish Laird Alec (Sandy) is a respectable Scotsman from Forfar playing the Guitar. You will never meet him without his Highlandpipes or the Northumbrian Smallpipes. While playing on stage he proudly wears the Kilt with the original McKenzie Clan's pattern and colours. We like it too, because it provokes a frequently asked question from German "Ladies" : What is underneath the Kilt ? We shall not tell you now, try to find out when visiting our concerts.

Please be patient for more information or learn GERMAN ! ;-))

Fun-Folk is Fun, Folks !

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