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The Maid Of Ballydoo

  • (Trad)

    'Twas on a summer's morning all in the month of May
    Down by yon flowery arbor I carelessly did stray
    I there espied a charming maid most pleasant to my view
    And the title that she gave herself was the Maid of Ballydoo

    I boldly stepped up to her and unto her did say
    Are you Aurora or Flo the Queen of May
    Or is it the fair Helen that appears all in my view
    But the title that she gave herself was the Maid of Ballydoo

    I took her by the lilywhite hand and by the waist so small
    I showed her my father's garden down by the river Bann
    Where the sheep and the lambs do sport and play, the trout and salmon too
    And says I, Sweet maid, don't be afraid for to leave old Ballydoo

    Well it was with great persuasion that I got her for to give consent
    And had in hand together it was Hilltown down we went
    There we drank liquor of the best and some of the mountain dew
    And she soon forgot the vows she made when leaving Ballydoo

    It was a summer's evening all in the month of June
    As I was sitting silently, condoling at my loom
    My scissors they cut sweetly and my shuttle nimbly flew
    When I first composed these verses on the Maid of Ballydoo

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1996:] From the singing of David Hammond. (Notes Kevin Mitchell, 'I Sang That Sweet Refrain')

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