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  M.I.N.E. Anon  
Scotland MacCrimmon's Lament Trad
  MacFrench Iain C. MacKintosh  
Scotland MacGinty's Meal-An'-Ale George Bruce Thomson
Scotland MacLean's Welcome James Hogg
Scotland MacPherson's Rant Trad
  Mad Lady And Me Jimmy McCarthy  
  Magdalen Green Trad  
Scotland Magdalene's Lament Trad
Scotland Maggie Lauder Francis Sempill
  Maggie May Trad  
Wales Maggie's Hit Man Colin Lewis
Scotland Maggie's Waddin' Jim McLean
  Magic Shadow Show Matt McGinn  
  Magical Man Waterson / Waterson / Collins  
Scotland Maid Gae'd Tae The Mill Trad
Ireland Maid Of Ballydoo Trad  
  Maid Of Listowel Trad  
  Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe Trad  
  Maidrin Ruadh Trad  
Scotland Maids When You're Young Trad Info
USA Mail Will Go Through Tom Paxton Info
  Mallard Harvey Andrews  
  Mally Lee Robert Fergusson  
  Malt's Come Down Anon  
USA Mama's In The Sky With Elvis Anon Info
  Man From Connemara Robbie O'Connell  
  Man Of Burnham Town Trad  
  Man Of Double Deed Trad  
England Man Of The Earth Bernie Parry Info
  Man That Waters The Workers' Beer Paddy Ryan  
  Man Who Puffs The Big Cigar Leon Rosselson  
Ireland Man With The Cap Colum Sands Info
  Man With The Dreadful Knob Enoch Kent  
  Manchester Cornstalk Trad  
England Manchester Rambler Ewan MacColl Info
  Mandela Danced In The Square Ian Davison  
  Mandy George Getty  
  Manet And Monet Harvey Andrews  
Australia Manly Ferry Song Judy Small Info
  Mansion House On The Hill Eric Bogle  
Ireland Mantle So Green Trad  
  Manura Manya Matt McGinn  
Ireland Many Young Men Of Twenty John B. Keane  
Scotland March Of The Cameron Man Trad Info
Wales Mardy Dave Rogers Info
England Margarita Harvey Andrews Info
USA Marilyn Carter / McEwan Info
  Marrowbones Trad / Eck Harley  
  Martinmas Time Trad  
USA Mary Alice Jones Anon Info
Scotland Mary And Me Eric Bogle Info
Ireland Mary And The Soldier Trad Info
Canada Mary Ann Trad Info
USA Mary Cecilia Brown And The Hollywood Sign Dory Previn Info
Canada Mary Ellen Carter Stan Rogers Info
  Mary Hamilton Trad  
Scotland Mary Mack's Mother Trad  
  Mary Morison Robert Burns  
  Mary Of The Mountains Billy Connolly  
Australia Mary Parker's Lament Judy Small Info
Scotland Massacre Of Glencoe Jim McLean Info
  Master Mcgrath Trad  
  Matt Highland Trad  
  Maui Trad  
  Maxwell Silver Hammer John Lennon / Paul McCartney  
Ireland May Morning Dew Trad  
english german  May There Always Be Sunshine Trad / Oshanin / Helmut Debus Info
  May We Go Now ?  
England Maybe Another Day Allan Taylor  
Ireland Mcalpine's Fusiliers Dominic Behan Info
IrelandEngland McCafferty Trad Info
  McIlhatton Brendan McFarlane / Bobby Sands  
USA Me And Bobby McGhee Kris Kristofferson / Fred Foster Info
  Me And Mi Mither Trad  
  Me Grandfather Died Trad  
  Mechanical Blackbird Hoida / Doyle  
England Media Ewan MacColl Info
Scotland Melville Castle Trad  
Ireland Men Behind The Wire Pat McGuigan Info
Scotland Men From The Rigs Gordon Menzies Info
  Men O' The North Sheila Douglas  
Scotland Men Of Knoydart Hamish Henderson Info
England Men Of The Sea John Connolly / Bill Meek Info
  Men Of The West William Rooney  
  Men Of Worth Archie Fisher  
  Merch Y Melinydd Trad  
England Mermaid Trad Info
USA Mermaid Song Shel Silverstein Info
  Merrie Old England Robb Johnson  
Scotland Merry England Archie Fisher  
  Merry Fellows Anon  
  Merthyr Riots Rod Shearman  
England Message From Mother Earth Frankie Armstrong Info
Scotland Messing About On The River Tony Hatch / L. Reed Info
  Mhm Song Trad  
  Michael Joan Baez  
England Michael Blann's Drinking Song John Hollamby Info
  Michael In The Garden Ralph McTell  
  Mick McGuire Trad  
  Midnight On The Water Trad / Ron Kavana  
USA Midnight Special Trad Info
  Midsummer Morning ?  
  Migrant's Lullaby Alistair Hulett  
USA Military Parade Malvina Reynolds / Rod Sinclair Info
  Mill Lassies Danny Kyle  
Scotland Miller O' Dron Trad  
  Miller, The Trad  
  Miner's Life Is Like A Sailor's Trad  
England Miner's Wife Ewan MacColl Info
  Miners' Lockout Trad  
  Miners' Wives Alan Reid / Joe Corrie  
Scotland Mingulay Boat Song Trad Info
  Minister's Sheep Trad  
  Minstrel Boy Trad / Thomas Moore  
  Miracles Jim Woodland  
Scotland Misguided Missile And The Misguided Miss Anon Info
  Missa Ramgoat (Obadeea) ? Trad  
  Mission Hall Peter Livingston  
  Mississippi You're On My Mind Jesse Winchester  
  Mist Over The Mersey Jack Owen  
England Mistress Music Allan Taylor Info
  Misty Mourne Shore Tommy Sands  
  Mitty Matty Trad  
  Mo Ghile Mear Sean Clarach MacDomhnaill  
  Moll Dubh Trad  
  Molly Ban A Stoir George Ogle  
  Molly Bawn Trad  
Ireland Molly Maguires Phil Coulter Info
Ireland Molly Malone James Yorkston yes
Ireland Month Of January Trad Info
Australia Montreal, December '89 Judy Small Info
Scotland Montrose Brian McNeill Info
  Monument (Lest We Forget) Andy Irvine  
  Monymusk Lads Trad  
Scotland Moon Was A-Waning Ian McCalman / James Hogg Info
  Moonshiner Trad  
Scotland Mormond Braes Trad Info
USA Morning Song Dory Previn  
  Mossie And His Mare Trad  
Scotland Most Amazing Thing Of All Ian McCalman Info
  Mother Billy Connolly  
Australia Mothers Daughters Wives Judy Small Info
England Motorway Song Leon Rosselson Info
  Mourne Rambler Tommy Sands  
  Mouth Music Trad  
  Mouth Music Trad  
  Moving-On Song Ewan MacColl  
  Mower, The Trad  
  Mr Connaughton Ralph McTell  
  Mr Harding Maggie Holland  
  Mr Homburg Hat Harvey Andrews / P. Wingfield  
Scotland Mrs Canatelli Benny Gallagher / Graham Lyle Info
USA Mrs Clara Sullivan's Letter Malvina Reynolds / Pete Seeger Info
  Mrs Mcgrath Trad / Dubliners  
Australia Much Too Much Trouble Judy Small / Alison Lyssa  
  Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre Trad  
  Muir And The Master Builder Brian McNeill  
Ireland Muirsheen Durkeen Trad / Colm O Lochlainn Info
  Mullnabeeny Trad  
  Murdered Ballad Trad / Alex Sweeney  
Ireland Music Of Healing Tommy Sands Info
Scotland Music of the Loom Danny Kyle Info
USAScotland Musical Group J. H. Clement / ad. Iain C. MacKintosh Info
  My Apartment Billy Connolly  
  My Apron Trad  
  My Back Pages / Afterthoughts Bob Dylan / Dick Gaughan  
Scotland My Blue Pullover Rab Noakes  
  My Dearest Dear Trad  
USA My Favourite Song Bob Zentz Info
USA My Friends John Denver  
  My Grandfather's Socks James Curran  
  My Heart Belongs To She Andy M. Stewart  
  My Heart's Tonight In Ireland Andy Irvine  
Scotland My Home Town Alan Reid Info
  My Irish Molly O William Jerome / Jean Schwartz  
  My Johnny Is A Shoemaker Trad  
  My Laddie's Bedside Trad  
  My Lagan Love Trad / Joseph McCall  
Scotland My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose Robert Burns  
  My Love Song Iain C. MacKintosh  
Scotland My Love's In Germanie Hector McNeil Info
  My Maw's A Millionaire Anon  
  My Nannie-O Robert Burns  
  My Old Gibson Guitar Trad / Alex Campbell  
USA My Old Man I Steve Goodman Info
  My Old Man II Ewan MacColl  
  My Singing Bird Trad  
Canada My Skies James Keelaghan  
USA My Sweet Lady John Denver  
  My Wee Man's A Miner Trad  

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Celtic Folk Songs  

Maggie May
The Maid of Tottenham
Mary Ann (i)
Mary Ann (ii)
Mrs McGrath
The Molecatcher (i)
Must I be Bound

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