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My Old Man

  • (Steve Goodman)

    I miss the old man tonight, I wish he was here with me
    With his corny jokes and his cheap cigar
    He could look you in the eye and sell you a car
    That's not an easy thing to do
    But no one ever knew a finer man in all this land
    Than my old man

    He never talked about his war, in France when he was eighteen
    The day they put him in a trench was the day he learnt sense
    And he never again used violence
    He got out of uniform
    Came home and married mum, and not so very long after that
    He was my old man

    I remember the fights we had, my sisters and I got him mad
    He'd get all boiled up, he'd sometimes shout
    We knew what was coming so we tuned him out
    Now the old man's gone
    I'd give all I own to know what he said when I wasn't listening
    To my old man

    I miss the old man tonight, I can almost see his face
    He was always trying to watch his weight
    But his heart only made it to fifty-eight
    For the first time since he died
    Late last night I cried - I wondered when I was going to do that
    For my old man

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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