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Mary Alice Jones

  • (Anon)

       But can you type, Mary Ellen, can you type?
       Can your fingers fly across the silver keys?
       Can you operate a dictaphone, answer the telephone
       Hitch your skirt an inch above the knees

    My name is Mary Alice Jones and I have come to see
    About applying for a job with your company
    I've plenty of experience and ability
    So I think that I would work out well with your company

    I see you do not understand the reason I am here
    I'm not a secretary, I'd like to make that clear
    I've been to Yale and Harvard, I have a law degree
    So I would like to be a lawyer with your company

    I'm brilliant as a barrister, I've impeccable degrees
    I'm a legal eagle you can trust to crush your enemies
    I haven't lost a case in over seven years, you see
    So pull your head out of your butt and give this job to me

    Somebody has a problem here and I think that it's you
    There's such a thing as equal rights and I'm prepared to sue
    I think you need a lawyer now more than you did before
    I'm leaving now but I'll see you on the courtroom floor

       Final chorus:
       And I can type, Mister Johnson, I can type
       I can send my fingers flying across those silver keys
       I can operate a dictaphone, answer the telephone
       And hang you by the things between your knees

    (as sung by Hamish Imlach and Kate Kramer)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] Learnt from a cassette given to me by Iain MacKintosh of a friend of his in the U.S.A. This song shows beautifully the sexism that still faces women trying to get employment in certain professions. (Notes Hamish Imlach, 'More and Merrier')


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