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My Blue Pullover

  • (Rab Noakes)

    Got a favourite blue pullover
    And it makes me feel so good
    It helps me sing, it helps me smile
    And puts me in a pleasant mood
    I like to wear it with my corduroys
    With my old blue jeans as well
    It's got a pleasant fluffy woolly feel
    And a pleasant fluffy woolly smell

    I like to wear it when I'm outside
    I like to wear it in my home
    I wear it when I'm in company
    I like to wear it when I'm alone
    And I wash it very carefully
    In case it should stretch or shrink
    Using soapsuds and lukewarm water
    Dry it flat across my sink

    Now it has never been off my back
    Since the day that it was bought
    And anyone seeing me wearing it thinks
    It's the only one I've got
    And I know I'll be very sad
    When its use is at an end
    Because I think I'll never get another one
    As good as my old friend

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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