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The Music Of Healing

  • (Tommy Sands)

       Ah, the heart's a wonder
       Stronger than the guns of thunder
       Even when we're torn asunder
       Love will come again

    Don't beat the drum, that frightens the children
    Don't sing the songs about winning and losing
    Sit down beside me, the green fields are bleeding
    Sing me the music of healing
    Sing me a song of a lover returning
    The darker the night, the nearer the morning
    Bring me the news of a new day that's dawning
    Sing me the music of healing

    Sometimes the truth's like a hare in the cornfield
    You know that it's there but you can't put your arms around it
    All we can hope for is follow its footprints
    Sing me the music of healing
    Who would have thought I could feel so contented
    To learn I was wrong after all of my rambles
    I've learned to be hard and I've learned how to tremble
    Sing me the music of healing

    Somehow the cycle of vengeance keeps turning
    Till each other's sorrows and songs we start learning
    Peace is the prize for those who are daring
    Sing me the music of healing
    Time is your friend, it cures all your sorrows
    But how can I wait till another tomorrow
    One step today and a thousand will follow
    Sing me the music of healing

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] The cease fires in Northern Ireland brought a great sense of hope to us all. No matter what the eventual solution is to be, ordinary people will have to learn to live together. Sometimes music can help to heal some of the wounds. I wrote the second verse using some words from an old friend of mine, Pete Seeger, and some words he quoted from his father [...]. Every day in his native Sarajevo, the lone figure of [Vedran] Smailovic, dressed in full evening suit, could be seen, walking past his bombed out orchestra theater and in the street, amidst shell and fire, he sat down and played his cello for peace. When a CNN reporter asked him if he was not crazy for playing his cello in the middle of the shelling, the famous Smailovic reply that went all around the world was, "You ask me am I crazy ... why do you not ask those people on the mountain are they not crazy for shelling Sarajevo while Smailovic is playing the cello." (Notes Tommy Sands, 'The Heart's A Wonder')

  • [1996:] Like everyone in Northern Ireland, [Tommy Sands] views the recent cease fires as a reason to hope for the future. He knows, however, that a solution will only be reached by hard work. "No matter what the eventual solution is to be," he says, "ordinary people have to learn to live together." To that end, he has written "The Music of Healing," his most celebrated song since "There Were Roses." It is a plea for understanding, for love, and for peace. In its refrain, "sing me the music of healing," it crystallizes the prayers of many Irish people. (Sing Out! Magazine, vol 36 #3, Nov/Dec 1991, updated in January 1996)

  • [1998:] [Tommy Sands'] recent composition "The Music Of Healing" has been described by MEP John Hume as a "new anthem for our times". (Promotional text, )

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