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Mary Mack's Mother

  • (Trad)

       Mary Mack's mither's makin' Mary Mack marry me
       My mither's makin' me marry Mary Mack
       I'm gonna marry Mary, Mary will tak' care of me
       We'll a' be makin' merry when I marry Mary Mack

    Och, a braw wee lass and her name is Mary Mack
    And mak' nae mistake, she's the lass I'm gonna tak'
    There's a lot of other lads would like to get upon her track
    But I'm thinkin' that they'll have to be up early

    Noo the weddin' day's on Wednesday and everything's arranged
    Her name will soon be changed tae mine unless her min' be changed
    An' wi' makin' the arrangements, faith, I'm just aboot deranged
    For marriage is an awfu' undertakin'

    It's sure to be a grand affair, grander than the fair
    There's sure to be a lot of fun, I'm sure tae get my share
    There's sure to be a coach and pair for every pair that's there
    And if there's no' I'm very much mistaken

    Noo Mary and her mither's gae'n an awfu' time taegither
    And you very seldom see then the one withoot the other
    And the boys often wonder if it's Mary or her mither
    Or the baith o' them taegither that I'm courtin'

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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