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Much Too Much Trouble

  • (Judy Small / Alison Lyssa)

       And it's off, off out of my sight
       Your grey hair's all wrinkled, you look such a fright
       The bed's wet, you wander, you catch the wrong bus
       You're much too much trouble to stay here with us

    I'm not as young now as I wanted to be
    The rest of the world's getting younger than me
    Old mum had the garden and jobs till she died
    And fisherman dad he went out with the tide
    They've saved my old life just to push me aside

    I know I'm not easy to care for nowadays
    I get so confused and my memory strays
    It seems that the years have rolled on past my door
    And I just haven't noticed like I used to before
    And at times I'm too tired to try any more

    What's the use of not dying till eighty or more
    They said I was useless at seventy-four
    You'd like your own kitchen, a cuppa, a pie
    You'd like your own bed when you wanted to die
    And meanwhile well one of the kids might drop by

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