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N - Index
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  N Ath Bhanais Bhios Agam Trad
  Na Leandhai I Mbeithil Trad
  Nab For Royalty Jim McLean
USA Names Cathy Fink Info
  Nancy Bell Trad
Ireland Nancy Spain Barney Rush Info
  Nancy Whisky Trad
  Nancy Whisky Trad
Scotland National Average Man Stan Patman Info
Ireland Natives Paul Doran
England Navvy Boots Trad Info
  Navvy Boy Trad
England Nearer To Nettles Jez Lowe Info
  Nell Flaherty's Drake Trad
  Nelson's Farewell Joe Dolan
  Net Hauling Song Ewan MacColl
Canada Never Gonna Stop This Train James Keelaghan
  Never Noticed Harvey Andrews
Australia Never Rock 'n' Rollers Judy Small Info
  Never Tire Of The Road Andy Irvine , Woody Guthrie
Australia Never Turning Back Pat Humphries Info
  New Highway ?
  New Moon's Arms Jez Lowe / Beverley Sanders
USA New Restaurant Malvina Reynolds Info
England New St George Richard Thompson Info
  New Year's Eve Si Kahn
  New York Girls Trad
England Newcastle Brown Ale Stan Arnott -
Wales Newfoundland Frank Hennessy -
  Newry Highwayman Trad
  News From Moidart Trad
USA Next Time Round David Campbell -
  Nicky Tams G. S. Morris
Scotland Niel Gow's Apprentice Michael Marra Info
England Nigel Alex GlasgowInfo
  Night Squad Barrie Roberts
  Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  Night Time In Italy J. Kendis / L. Brown / L. Wright
  Night Visiting Song Trad
  Nightingale Trad
England Nimby Brian Bedford Info
USA Nine Gold Medals David Roth Info
  Nineteen Forty Four Danny Kyle
  Nineteen Ninety-Nine Tommy Sands
USA Nineteen Thirteen Massacre Woody Guthrie Info
Scotland  No Churchman Am I Trad -
  No Courage In Him Trad
Scotland No Gods And Precious Few Heroes Brian McNeill / Hamish Henderson Info
Scotland No Gonnae Leave Here Davy Steele Info
Australia No Man's Land Eric Bogle Info
Scotland No More Stravaigin' Gibb Todd Info
Ireland No News Is Good News Colum Sands -
  No One Left But Me Alan Murray
Australia No Tears For The Widow Judy Small Info
Scotland No Use For Him Eric Bogle Info
England No You Won't Get Me Down In Your Mine Colin Wilkie / Trad Info
  Noah's Ark Shanty Trad
England Nobleman Trad Info
  Nobody Knew She Was There Ewan MacColl
  Nobody's Wedding Richard Thompson
  Norland Wind Violet Jacob / Jim Reid
  Normandy Orchards Keith Marsden
USA North By North J. O'Connor Info
  North Country Maid Trad
  North Dakota Hills Eric Bogle
  North Sea Shoals Ewan MacColl
  Nottamun Town Trad
  Nottingham Ale Anon
England Nottingham Captain Bill Prince -
Australia Now I'm Easy Eric Bogle Info
  Now Westlin' Winds Trad / Robert Burns
  Nuclear Game Elizabeth Mccommon
  Number 81 Bus Mike Harding
  Nursing Fathers Sam Barnard
  Nut Brown Maiden Trad

made in Australia Ron Clarke's Folk Songs - Words & Tunes as MIDIs
kindly permitted to host on this site
Celtic Folk Songs  

Navvy Boots
Night Visiting Song
No Man's Land (The Green Fields of France)
Included by kind permission of the author: Eric Bogle

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