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Never Rock 'n' Rollers

  • (Judy Small)

    We were never rock 'n' rollers, you and I
    We never were that young, we never got that high
    We were never rock 'n' rollers
    But we get by - we get by

    Well I stood in front of mirrors and pretended to play
    All the hits on the radio
    All the Peter Paul and Mary and Dylan and Joan
    I dreamed of the time when the songs would be my own
    And I could be a pop star too

    And meanwhile over there a world away
    You were playing rock 'n' roll in bars
    All the Elvis and the Comets and Rock Around the Clock
    Anything at all as long as it was rock
    As long as it could take you to the stars

    And now look at us here in middle age
    We're living all the dreams we had
    We travel the world playing our guitars
    In concert halls and clubs and smoky little bars
    And you know it doesn't seem half bad

    Our songs'll never make it to the charts we know
    And we'll never have a number one
    There's no one screaming at us as we board our planes
    We live our lives in peace with our modicum of fame
    And smile as the rock stars run

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] ['Snapshot' enthält] einige Lieder [...], die keinerlei politischen Inhalt haben - Never Rock 'n' Rollers zum Beispiel, das nur zum Spaß geschrieben ist. Das heißt, eigentlich habe ich es für Eric Bogle geschrieben. Wir sollten zusammen auf Tournee gehen und ich dachte, es wäre schön, wenn ich ein Lied schriebe, das wir zusammen singen könnten. Die Zeile "Zur selben Zeit, eine Welt entfernt, spieltest du Rock 'n' Roll in Bars" ist eine Anspielung auf Eric.(Judy Small, Folk Michel 1/95, S. 15)

    See also 'Eric and the Informers'

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