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  • (Frank Hennessy)

    All I need is a strong north wind
    And a fine white ship to set sail in
    But the winter mist is now at hand
    I must remain in Newfoundland

    The summer months I fished all day
    Then in one short week drank it all away
    Now a passage home I can't demand
    I must stay in Newfoundland

    If I had a skilled trade taken
    A carpenter or a good stonemason
    It's home I'd be like a decent man
    And not forlorn in Newfoundland

    My age is thirty years and three
    I have no wife, I have no family
    I spend my life as a fisherman
    Around the coast of Newfoundland

    I dream of home nearly every night
    Its valleys deep and green, its waters bright
    Come all young men with your lives to plan
    Keep well away from Newfoundland

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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