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The Nobleman

  • (Trad)

    A nobleman lived in a mansion
    And courted his own servant maid
    It wasn't for love or for beauty
    'Twas only to lead her astray

    One night he came into her bedroom
    While Mary was going to bed
    See all the fine things I will give you
    If you'll only let me lie by your side

    I know all the fine things you will give me
    A baby to bounce on my knee
    Leave me and my baby to perish
    While you in your mansion go free

    He saw she was not easily persuaded
    So he took her for his bride
    Now she is a nobleman's lady
    And she sleeps by a nobleman's side

    So all you young ladies take warning
    Take warning, take warning from me
    Keep all your young men at a distance
    And ride in your carriage like me

    (as sung by Muriel Graves)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] Young women who are prepared to abandon all for love are common enough characters in traditional song. Their sisters who insist that marriage must precede the act are frequently depicted as resourceful young ladies, adept at disguise and in possession of a whole armoury of stratagems. The heroine of this song doesn't belong to either group - she is that "poor but honest" (and boring) creature of the Victorian penny-novelette. (MacColl/Seeger, Doomsday 204)

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