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  • (Cathy Fink)

    And I know, my name could be there
    And I feel, the pain and the fear
    And this human love and passion
    Do not make us all the same
    We are counted not as numbers but as names

    A patchwork of thousands of precious names
    There must be someone there you know
    Woven together in a quilted frame
    The names the loved ones won't let go

    We grieve for the lovers and the families
    And I pray they'll meet again some day
    But until that time I will carry the flame
    As their numbers grow we'll not forget the names

    A lover, a carpenter, a father, a friend
    A sister, a minister, a man
    Each quilted piece holds a memory
    Each memory helps us to go on

    (as sung by Roy Bailey)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1991:] Written for the Names Quilt, a memorial to victims of AIDS. The project began in San Francisco. It has rapidly become a major work of folk art that is a moving memorial to and celebration of, the lives of those who have died. Each name is on a patch six feet by three feet. There are now 13,000 pieces in the quilt. In July 1989 I was invited to sing this song at the opening of an exhibition of part of the quilt at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was a privilege to be invited and it was the most moving event I have ever been involved with. (Notes Roy Bailey, 'Never Leave A Story Unsung')

  • [1996:] 70.000 Namen von AIDS-Opfern wurden am Wochenende während einer Gedenkfeier in Washington verlesen. Zum letzten Mal lenkte dabei eine riesige Flickendecke, der sogenannte AIDS-Quilt, die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Immunschwäche-Krankheit. Zehntausende von Menschen kamen auf die Washingtoner Mall, um den Quilt zu sehen und zuzuhören, wie die Namen verlesen wurden. Prominenteste Leserin war der Hollywood-Star Elizabeth Taylor. Die Decke besteht aus über 40.000 sarggroßen Flicken, die überwiegend von Hinterbliebenen angefertigt wurden. Sie bedeckt eine Fläche von 120.000 Quadratmetern. (Kieler Nachrichten, 14. Okt.)

  • [1999:] We at the Names Project (UK) are still receiving panels. Each new panel is another death; each new panel reminds us that there is no cure and each new panel reminds us that Aids has not gone away. (Iain McDonald, Director The Names Project (UK), letter toThe Observer, 7 Mar)

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