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No News Is Good News

  • (Colum Sands)

    And I know you didn't read it in the papers
    I'm sure you didn't see it on TV
    I know you didn't hear it on the radio
    But no news is good news for me

    Did you ever wonder what it takes to break into the news
    What's the magic formula that brings such fame to few
    Well, here are some news items that you haven't heard before
    Of people whom have never been beyond the magic door

    In a Belfast street this morning a child was seen to smile
    And experts have confirmed that there's still water in the Nile
    A plane has flown from Greece to Rome without a loss of life
    And a man in Amsterdam confessed that he loved his wife

    There's still some people living, not all of whom are fools
    And some of them are happy though they've never won the pools
    And a film star in Hollywood still feels no remorse
    With fifteen different Oscars and still not one divorce

    It's not that I don't recognise the evil that's around
    For bad news and bad weather always can be found
    But just remember that the news is made by you and I
    And if we find more time to laugh there'll be less time to cry

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