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B - Index
Inhaltsverzeichnis / Contents down more
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USA B.A.C.O.N. and E.G.G.S Braddock / Putman Info
  Bachelor Trad  
Ireland Back Home In Derry Bobby Sands / Gordon Lightfoot Info
Scotland Back O' Beyond Gordon Menzies info
Scotland Back O' The North Wind Brian McNeill Info
England Bad Moon Rising J.C. Fogerty  
Ireland Back To School Again Tommy Sands info
England  Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington Trad info
  Baldheaded Woman Shel Silverstein
Scotland Balaena Trad info
  Ballad For The Unknown Soldier Allan Taylor
  Ballad Maker's Apprentice Ray Hearne
Ballad Of Accounting Ewan MacColl info
Ireland Ballad Of Claudy James Simmons info
Scotland Ballad Of 84 Dick Gaughan info
USA Ballad of Gary Hart Tom Paxton info
  Ballad Of Hollis Brown Bob Dylan
Scotland Ballad Of Jimmy Steele Davy Steele info
  Ballad Of John MacLean Matt McGinn
USA Ballad Of Penny Evans Steve Goodman info
USA Ballad Of Spiro Agnew Tom Paxton info
  Ballad Of St. Anne's Reel David Mallett
  Ballad Of The Drover Trad
USA Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle Gordon Lightfoot info
England Ballad Of Vic Williams Robb Johnson info
  Ballinderry Trad
  Ban Polaris Anon
Scotland Ban The Bomb trad / Hamish Henderson
  Band O' Shearers Robert Hogg
Australia The Band Played Waltzing Matilda Eric Bogle info
Ireland The Bandon Car Kevin Beale Info
  Baneasa's Green Glade Andy Irvine
  Banjo Man I Alex Campbell
England  Banjo Man II Allan Taylor info
Scotland Banks O' Doon James Miller / Robert Burns info
Ireland Banks Of Brandywine Trad info
Ireland Banks Of Claudy Trad info
  Banks Of Green Willow Trad
  Banks Of Marble Les Rice
  Banks Of Newfoundland Trad
  Banks Of Red Roses Trad info
  Banks Of Skene Trad
  Banks Of Sweet Mossom Trad
  Banks Of Sweet Primroses Trad
  Banks Of The Dee Trad
Scotland  Banks Of The Lee Trad
  Banks Of The Nile Trad
USA Banks Of The Ohio Trad Info
  Banna Strand Trad
England  Bantam Cock Jake Thackeray info
Ireland The Bantry Girls' Lament Trad Info
England Barbara Allen Trad
England Barbara Allen 2 + 3 Trad Info
  Barbaree Coasts Of Barbary??? Trad
Ireland The Bard Of Armagh trad.
  Barges Ralph McTell
 ? Barley And The Rye Trad info
  Barley Straw Trad
Scotland  Barnyards Of Delgaty Trad info
  Baron Of Brackley Trad
Canada Barratt's Privateers Stan Rogers Info
Scotland  Barrin' O' The Door Trad info
Scotland  Barroom Mountaineers Davey Clark info
  Barry's Column Trad
Scotland  Battle Of Falkirk Muir Trad info
  Battle Of Harlaw Trad
Scotland  Battle Of Otterburn Trad info
Scotland  Battle Of Prestonpans Roy Williamson / Trad info
Ireland  Battle Of Stormont Colum Sands info
  Bawbee Birlin' Niel Gow / Rod Paterson / Michael Marra
  Bawbie Allan Trad
  Bay Of Fundy Gordon Bok
USA  Bay Of Mexico Trad info
  Be Kind Tae Yer Nainsel Trad
  Bean Phaidin Trad
USA Beans And Rice Bruce Utah Phillips info
Scotland Beats Of The Heart Ian Walker Info
England  Bedford May Carol Trad info
England  Bedmaking Trad info
Scotland  Been On The Road So Long Alex Campbell info
  Beer Is Best Trad
USA Before I Met You Charles L. Seitz / Joe Lewis / Elmer Rader  
Scotland  Beggar Wench Trad Info
Scotland  Belles Of Mauchline Robert Burns info
  Bellingham Show Trad
England Bellman's Song Bill Meek Info
  Bells Of Rhymney Idris Davies / Pete Seeger info
Scotland Bells Of The Town Nick Keir Info
Scotland  Benny Lynch Matt McGinn info
Scotland  Best O' The Barley Brian McNeill info
Scotland  Betsy Bell Trad info
Scotland  Betsy Bell And Mary Gray Trad info
Scotland Better In The Dark Gordon McCulloch / Hamish Imlach info
USA Beware O Take Care Trad info
  Bheir Mo Shoraidh Thar Ghunnaidh Trad
  Biddy Mulligan Patrick Kavanagh
  Big Blue Frog Leslie Braunstein
  Big Hewer Ewan MacColl
  Big Nellie May G. Herd
Canada Big Picture Don Pennington / John Oliphant
  Big Ship Sailing Trad
  Big Strong Man Trad
USA  Biggest Thing Man Has Ever Done Woody Guthrie info
  Bill Norrie Trad
  Billies And The Sallies Hamish Imlach
  Billy Boy Trad / Almanac Singers
  Billy Boy Trad
 ? Billy The Squid Tom Chapin Info
  Bingo Bella Matt McGinn
  Bird On A Wing Connie Kaldor
England Birmingham Lads John Freeth / Dibden Info
  Birken Tree Trad
Scotland  Birnie Bouzle James Hogg info
England ? Bitter Whaling Grounds Trad info
  Bitter Withy Trad
USA  Black And White Arkin / Earl Robinson info
  Black And White II Ewan MacColl
  Black Ball Line Trad
  Black Douglas George Weir / Roy Williamson
England ? Black Is The Colour Trad info
Ireland  Black Velvet Band Trad info
  Blackbirds And Thrushes Trad / Samuel Lover
  Blackleg Miners Trad
England  Blacksmith Trad info
  Blackwaters Jean Ritchie
Ireland Blackwaterside Trad info
Ireland  Blame The World Colum Sands info
Scotland  Blantyre Explosion Trad info
  Blarney Stone Trad
  Blaydon Races George Ridley
  Bleacher Lass O' Kelvinhaugh Trad Robert Burns?
  Blessing Eric Bogle
England  Blood Brother Tom Robinson
  Blood Red Roses Trad
Scotland  Blood Upon The Grass Adam McNaughtan
England  Bloody Gardener Trad info
  Bloody Waterloo Trad
  Blow Boys Blow Trad
  Blow The Man Down Trad
  Blowing In The Wind Bob Dylan
Scotland Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk Trad Info
  Blue Bonnets Sir Walter Scott
  Blue Green Bangle Cop.Con. Johnny Mulhearn
  Blue Jay And The Cardinal Brian McNeill
Ireland  Blue Tar Road Trad
  Bluebells Of Scotland Trad
Scotland  Boar And The Fox Trad info
  Boat Song ? Trad
Scotland  Boatie Rows,the Trad
Ireland  Bodenstown Churchyard Thomas Davis info
Bodhran Song Ron Kavana with Gino Lupari on bodhran listen
Scotland  Bogie's Bonnie Belle Trad info
  Bogside Volunteers Anon
  Bold Benjamin Trad
  Bold Doherty Trad
  Bold Navigators Trad
  Bold Nevison Trad
Scotland  Bold Pedlar Trad info
England  Bold Princess Royal Trad info
  Bold Tenant Farmer Trad
Ireland  Bold Thady Quill Trad info
England  Bonnie At Morn Trad info
  Bonnie Banks O' Fordie Trad
  Bonnie Barque The Bergen Jez Lowe
Scotland Bonnie Bessie Logan Trad Info
  Bonnie Black Hare Trad
  Bonnie Boy Trad
  Bonnie Dundee Trad / Sir Walter Scott
  Bonnie Earl Of Moray Trad
  Bonnie Gateshead Lass Trad
  Bonnie George Campbell Trad
Scotland Bonnie Glenshee Trad Info
Scotland  Bonnie James Campbell Trad info
Scotland Bonnie Jean Cameron Trad / Alan McFadyen Info
Scotland  Bonnie Laddie Ye Gang By Me Trad info
Scotland  Bonnie Lass Come O'er The Burn Trad info
  Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie Trad
  Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie Trad
  Bonnie Lass Of Anglesey Trad
  Bonnie Lassie Trad ?
  Bonnie Light Horseman Trad
  Bonnie Maid Of Fife Nick Keir
  Bonnie Moorhen Trad
  Bonnie Ship The Diamond Trad
Scotland  Bonnie Susie Clelland Trad info
  Bonnie Udny Trad
  Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No Trad / ad. Brian McNeill
Scotland  Bonnie Woodhall Trad Info
Scotland Boomerang Thurso Berwick / Matt McGinn Info
  Boonas Want To Go Home Jez Lowe
England Boothferry Bridge Harvey Andrews Info
Ireland  Boozing Trad info
  Borstal Boy Larry Conklin ?
USA  The Boston Burglar Trad info
  Boston Harbour Trad
England  Botany Bay Trad info
Scotland  Both Sides the Tweed James Hogg / this version Dick Gaughan Info
  Bothwell Castle Roy Williamson / Trad
  Bothy Lads Trad
  Boulavogue Trad / P. J. McCall
  Bound For Borstal Wally Whyton
  Bound For Van Dieman's Island Trad / Jock Purdon
Scotland Bound To Go Trad
England  Boxing Day Robb Johnson info
England  Boy Is A Nation Allan Taylor info
  Boys O Boys Trad
  Boys Of Barr Na Sraide Sigerson Clifford
  Boys Of Belfast Town Anon
Ireland Boys Of Fair Hill Trad Info
Ireland The Boys Of Kilmichael Trad / ad. Patrick Galvin Info
Ireland  Boys Of Mullaghbawn Trad info
  Boys Of The County Cork Trad
  Boys Of The Old Brigade Paddy McGuigan
  Boys Of Wexford Trad
  Boys That Broke The Ground Brian McNeill
  Brackagh Hill Trad
Scotland  The Braemar Poacher Trad info
  Braes O' Balquhidder Robert Tannahill
  Braes O' Gight Ian Benzie???
Scotland Braes O' Strathblane Trad Info
Scotland  Braes Of Killiecrankie Trad info
  Braes Of Monymore Trad
USA The Bramble And The Rose Barbara Keith
  Brass Band Music Leon Rosselson
  Bratach Bana Trad
  Brave Ploughboy Trad
England  Brave Wolfe Trad info
  Braw Sailing On The Sea Trad / Tony Cuffe
  Bread And Fishes Alan Bell
USA  Bread And Roses Caroline Kohlsaat
James Oppenheim
  Brennan On The Moor Trad
  Brian O'Lynn Trad
  Bridge Of Sighs Ralph McTell
England  Bridget Evans Judy Small info
  Bridget O'Malley Trad
  Brigg Fair Trad
  Brighidin Ban Mo Store Trad / Andy M. Stewart
Scotland  Bring Back The Wolf Brian McNeill info
  Bring Me A Little Water Sylvie Huddie Ledbetter
  Bring Us In Good Ale Anon
  Bringing In The Sheaves Jim Boyes
  Brisk Young Lad Trad
  Brisk Young Widow Trad
Ireland  The British Army Trad info
  Broad Black Brimmer Trad
England Broadside Man John Connolly / Bill Meek
Australia Broken Down Squatter Charles Augustus Flower Info
  Broken Token Trad
  Broken Windows ??? Randy Newman
  Broom O' The Cowdenknowes Trad
England  Broomfield Hill Trad info
  Brother Did You Weep Ewan MacColl
USA  Brotherhood Week Tom Lehrer info
  Brown Girl Trad
Scotland  The Buchan Turnpike Trad info
England  The Bulldog Breed Jez Lowe
  Bundlin Trad
Scotland Burn The Witch Ian McCalman
England  Burning Times Charlie Murphy info
  Burntollet Ambush Anon
Bus 33 Ewan McVicar
Scotland  Busk And Go Trad info
Scotland  The Busker Brian McNeill Info
Scotland  The Butcher Boy Trad info
  By The People Dick Gaughan
Scotland  Bye Bye Big Blue Brian McNeill info
England  Byker Hill Trad info

made in Australia Ron Clarke's Folk Songs - Words & Tunes as MIDIs
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Celtic Folk Songs  

The Ballad of Mary Hamilton
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Included by kind permission of the author: Eric Bogle
The Beggar Man
Bird in a Cage
Blackleg Miners
Blow Away the Morning Dew (i)
Blow Away the Morning Dew (ii)
Blow The Candles Out (i)
Blow The Candles Out (ii)
The Bonny Lass of Fyvie
The Bonny Ship The Diamond
The Broomfield Wager
The Bunch of Thyme
Butternut Hill

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