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Nottingham Captain

  • (Bill Prince)

    Everyone their skill must try
    You must turn out and not deny
    No bloody soldier must you dread
    You must turn out and fight for bread
    For the time has come you plainly see
    The Government opposed must be

    You working men of Derbyshire who spend your life in grief and fear
    Come take your pike staff in your hand and join our march to Nottingham

    The stockingers trade has all gone down, there is no work in village or town
    For the Derby Rib from fashion did fall and left us with no work at all
    Lord Liverpool said when the war was won that there'd be work for every man
    Our children they still cry for bread - us working folk would be better dead

    We call at every house and farm and demand of them to give us arms
    We'll take each able bodied man to join our march to Nottingham
    And when we come to Nottingham there'll be beef and bread for everyone
    We'll join the clouds coming from the north to show this government our worth
    From Wakefield, Leeds and Manchester they all will come to join us there
    And then we'll march to London town to bring this tyrant Government down

    (as sung by Roy Bailey and Band of Hope)

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