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Next Time Round

  • (David Campbell)

    To another town I'm bound, leaving the friends I found
    To another's arms I'm bound, see you when I'm
    Next time round

    You borrowed my newness and lent it your sweetness
    Stayed in my arms till the morning
    We drank of the red wine, not heeding the time
    Forgetting it soon would be ended

    I'm heading down there and leaving you here
    We both know there's nowhere we came from
    We won't have to fuss about the long miles between us
    Other arms can take you and me down

    When I come again you won't have to explain
    If you find you're not free to come fooling with me
    Our kind of love is easy forgotten
    It's a game played with time by the lonely

    (as sung by Jean Redpath)

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