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The New St George

  • (Richard Thompson)

    Leave the factory, leave the forge
    And dance to the new St George

    The time has come for action
    Leave your satisfaction
    Can't you hear St. George's tune
    St. George's tune is calling you home
    Freedom was your mother
    Fight for one another

    Don't believe pretenders
    Who say they would defend us
    While they flash their teeth and wave
    The other hand is being paid
    They choke the air and bleed us
    These noble men who lead us

    The fish and fowl are ailing
    The farmer's life is failing
    Where are all your backroom boys
    Your backroom boys won't save us now
    We're poisoned by the greedy
    Who plunder of the needy

    (as sung by Martin Carthy and the Albion Country Band)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1979:] [A] rare example of traditional influence in [Richard Thompson's] work (Woods, Revival 116)

  • [1988:] It is a good example of the increasing awareness that our basic roots of life are threatened, and it instinctively draws upon the right hero-image, the Saviour of Britain, descendant of Bran and Arthur, heir of Beli and of Archangel Michael. (Stewart, St. George ?)

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