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Message From Mother Earth

  • (Frankie Armstrong)

       Remember, I gave you birth
       Remember Mother Earth
       Remember, I gave you birth
       Remember Mother Earth

    I am the soil that harbours the seed
    I am the crops the good soil yields

    I'm the wood, the forest, the trees
    I give the buds, take back the leaves

    I am the rain, the river, the sea
    All creatures born must drink of me

    I have been here since time was new
    But now I fear what time may do

    You plunder me for coal and oil
    Leaving me scarred, leaving me spoiled

    You clear the forest, uproot the trees
    Poison the air, pollute the seas

    Pure air, pure rain, millions of years
    Now on the wind come acid tears

    Why can't you hear, why can't you see
    You kill yourself if you kill me

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] When I do work in Germany I sometimes stay with a family in the Black Forest, and every time I go back to that part of the country I notice the tops of the trees are all being affected by acid rain, and more and more I see the foliage getting scantier, so this Frankie Armstrong song struck a really deep chord for me. (Intro Iain MacKintosh, 'Standing Room Only')

  • [1992:] Mother Earth isn't one of my best written songs, but it does the job for which it was intended. With its chorus [...] it does move people. It is certainly the song of mine that has been most sung. (Armstrong, Eye 132)

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