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Michael Blann's Drinking Song

  • (John Hollamby)

       Blann's it is the beer for me
       A pint of it's so handy
       It's as fine as any wine
       And strong as any brandy

    If you are ill 'twill make you well
    And put you in condition
    The man who will drink Blann's Good Ale
    Has need of no physician

    'Twill ease your pain and warm your brain
    Drive out melancholy
    A man who will drink Blann's Good Ale
    He will be fat and jolly

    The foreigners may praise their wines
    'Tis only to deceive us
    Would they come here and taste this beer
    I'm sure they'd never leave us

    The meager French their thirst would quench
    Fine much good 'twould do them
    Give them a year with Blann's Good Beer
    Their country would not know them

    All you that have not tasted it yet
    I'd have you set about it
    No man with pence and common sense
    Would ever be without it

    (as sung by Vic Gammon)

    Tune: Yankee Doodle

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1976:] Michael Blann was a shepherd, singer and whistle player who lived near Shoreham in Sussex, until about 1930. He wrote out a book of his songs in the 1880s and the book, including this song, is preserved in Worthing Museum. But Blann did not write the song, and its history is more complex still. It was written by John Hollamby, a grinder at Hailsham windmill, who in 1827 published the words in an anthology called 'The Unlettered Muse'. There it was called Gooch's Strong Beer. Blann, I think, adapted these words and added the chorus. The tune is, of course, Yankee Doodle. (Vic Gammon, notes 'The Tale of Ale')

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