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  • (Trad)

    Come all ye lads of high renown
    That would hear of a fair young maiden
    She's gone out on a fine summer's day
    Just to watch all the soldiers paradin'
    They looked so fine and they looked so gay
    The colours were flying and the bands did play
    And Mary to herself did say
    I will wed with my gallant soldier

    She watched them standing on parade
    And she watched them at their leisure
    And Mary to herself did say
    At last I've found my treasure
    But oh, how cruel my parents can be
    Just to banish my true love so far from me
    I'll leave them all and I'll go with thee
    My bold undaunted soldier

    Ah, Mary dear, your parents' love
    I pray don't be unruly
    For when we're in some foreign land
    I know you'll rue it surely
    And if in battle I should fall
    From a shot from an angry cannon ball
    And you so far from your daddy's hall
    Be advised by your gallant soldier

    I've fifty guineas in bright gold
    Likewise a heart that's bolder
    And I'll leave them all and I'll go with you
    My bold undaunted soldier
    So don't say no but let me go
    And I will face the daring foe
    And we'll march together to and fro
    Mary and her gallant soldier

    And when he saw her loyalty
    And Mary so true-hearted
    He said, My darling, married we'll be
    And never shall be parted
    And when we're in some foreign land
    I'll guard ye, darling, with my right hand
    In the hopes that god might stand a friend
    To Mary and her gallant soldier

    (as sung by Tom McDonagh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1976:] It's the old story of the soldier heading for the wars and leaving the girl behind him. In some ballads she dressed herself up in men's clothing and went along with him. Numerous too are the songs about female sailors and female soldiers. More often than not, she went along as the pretty drummer boy or the pretty cabin boy. In this particular song, he is so impressed by her loyalty that he marries her before he goes away. Sam Henry collected this song in Magilligan, Co. Derry, and it appears in his collection under the title of The Gallant Soldier. (Frank Harte, notes 'Andy Irvine & Paul Brady')

  • [1993:] The story (girl meets soldier, wants to go with him, soldier wants to leave her behind - till he discovers she's got a bob or two ...) is found in both Scotland and Ireland. The Scottish version's miserable, the Irish one's happy; draw your own conclusions. (Notes Brian McNeill, 'Horses For Courses')

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