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Mermaid Song

  • (Shel Silverstein)

    When I was a lad in a fishing town
    An old man said to me
    Iain, you can live your life, your jolly life
    A-sailing on the sea
    You can search the world for pretty girls
    Till your eyes are weak and dim
    But don't go swimming with a mermaid, son
    If you don't know how to swim

       Her hair is green as seaweed
       Her skin is blue and pale
       You can love that girl with all your heart
       But I tell you now before you start
       You're just gonna love the upper part
       You're not gonna like the tail

    Well, I signed on to a whaling ship
    On my first day at sea
    I spied a mermaid in the waves
    A-reaching out to me
    Come live with me in the sea, said she
    Down on the ocean floor
    I'll show you a million wondrous things
    You've never seen before
    So in I jumped and down I swam
    Down to the ocean bed
    And a pillow made of turtle shells
    She placed beneath my head
    She fed me shrimps and caviar
    Served on a silver dish
    From her head to her waist she was just my taste
    But the rest of her was a fish

       Her hair was green as seaweed
       Her skin was blue and pale
       Her face it was a work of art
       And I loved that girl with all my heart
       But I only loved the upper part
       I didn't like the tail

    But then one day she swam away
    To sing to the clams and whales
    I missed her skin, I missed her hair
    And the silvery shine of her scales
    Then her sister came swimming by
    Set my heart in a whirl
    'Cause the upper half was an ugly fish
    But the rest of her was a girl

       Her toes were pink and rosy
       Her knees were blue and pale
       Her legs were a work of art
       And I loved that girl with all my heart
       I don't give a damn about the upper part
       And that's how I end my tale

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [c.1978:] What a chauvinistic song! (Iain MacKintosh, outro T 26)

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