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The Mail Will Go Through

  • (Tom Paxton)

       They can go and drop the big one but the mail will go through
       That's a promise to you, that the mail will go through
       There'll be no one left to read it, but the mail will go through
       What a wonderful change that will be

    Yessir, modern life is scary, it's sure tough on me and thee
    It's hard to count on anything these days
    But when things get too hairy with their insecurity
    We can count on the Post Office, Lord be praised
    They say we'll all be cinders in the end
    But there's one bright hope on which we may depend

    The announcement was so welcome, it allayed our deepest fears
    It was met with heartfelt cheers as we sank a couple o' beers
    We can write to all our loved ones saying, We're no longer here
    And the mail will go through

    When the final war is over and it's been a great success
    We've been powdered, more or less - comes the mail man express
    He'll come sifting through the ashes till he finds the right address
    And the mail will go through

    So the future can't be all bad, there's a lot you've got to like
    If they've vaporized your bike you can take a little hike
    And get your letter in the chute between the first and second strike
    And the mail will go through

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1988:] I wish sometimes the government would ease up a little bit in providing me with topics for songs. I have this backlog I still haven't got to. Every time I'm catching up a little bit some clown holds a press conference and I'm holding my head thinking, Oh my God, another thirteen songs to write! So you will appreciate how utterly thrilled I was when the Post Office announced their plans for delivering the mail after the nuclear holocaust ... (Tom Paxton, intro 'Politics')

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