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Mistress Music

  • (Allan Taylor)

    But I'm going home now, I'm going home
    My lady's waiting and I'm going home

    The music lover will sell his soul
    For when he's hungry he's like a fool
    The muse is greedy, the muse commands
    And the lover answers to her demands

    In the darkness she calls for me
    Like a tempting siren upon the sea
    And like a blind man I follow on
    I lose my reason and my sense is gone

    When I leave her how she scorns
    She's a jealous lover and how she burns
    And in the morning she lets me go
    I'm her midnight lover, one of many more

    Oh mistress music takes everything
    She takes my body and she makes me sing
    She took my young years, she gave me age
    And she left me standing on an empty stage

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1983:] Many musicians' and writers' relationship with the Muse is that of spending a lifetime courting her for what is always a too brief response always with the possibility of rejection. (Notes Allan Taylor, 'Circle Round Again')

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