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The Military Parade

  • (Malvina Reynolds / ad. Rod Sinclair)

    The military band is playing, come see the parade
    Wave and cheer our heroes as they bravely march away
    This time it's not the unemployed, the workers or the poor
    It's the captains of our industry marching off to war

    They're marching form the boardroom, from the stately home
    From the club, from the embassy we're proud to see them come
    It's their turn to lift the banner, listen to the drum
    Younger men must stay at home, keep the lassies warm

    The millionaire director with a rifle in his hand
    Is off to face the enemy to defend his native land
    He likely won't be quite so fat if he comes home from war
    We know that he'll fight bravely - he knows what he's fighting for

    There goes the factory owner with the other wealthy men
    We'll keep the wheels a-turning till they come home again
    Generals order generals to march and wheel and turn
    Younger men must stay at home, there's plenty to be done

    And there's the politician who only yesterday
    Was talking on the T.V. of the price we'd have to pay
    He looks a little paler now, his words are not so fine
    He's realised that he's the one whose life is on the line

    So gather at the window, join the crowd and line the street
    Waving to the soldiers marching to the beat
    This time it's not the unemployed, the workers or the poor
    It's the judges and the millionaires marching off to war

    (as sung by Hamish Imlach)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1987:] Malvina Reynolds' original idea was so good that I felt it could bear some more verses and a more martial tune. (Notes Rod Sinclair, 'When the Cock Crows')

  • [1989:] Fat people normally have to be pacifists because we're easy to hit and can't run fast. I love this song because of the idea that if there has to be war it should only be millionaires, politicians and generals - and all the rest could watch it on TV. Would be better than any football! (Hamish Imlach, intro 'Portrait')

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