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Mama's In The Sky With Elvis

  • (Anon)

       Mama's in the sky with Elvis, right where she belongs
       Driving around in those pink Cadillacs
       Singing those rock 'n' roll songs
       I bet they're looking great, they're probably losing weight
       Planning a come-back on TV
       Yes, Mama's in the sky with Elvis
       And that's right where she should be

    Well, kids I know it's been awful hard
    Since fate took mama away
    Yes I know she loved you so
    And you miss her every day
    She was dancing on the balcony
    With her inflatable Elvis doll
    She got too close to the edge, I screamed
    Be careful, Madge, too late, she started to fall

    I said, I wanna be your teddy bear
    She said, Iain, don't be a fool
    Then she'd shake her hip and she'd curl her lip
    I said, Honey, don't be cruel
    I'm so lonesome tonight, it doesn't seem right
    These kids should have the blues
    No toys, no TV, just two kids and me
    And two hundred pairs of blue suede shoes

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] Mama; Teddy Bear; Don't Be Cruel; I'm So Lonesome; Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis songs, acc. to unofficial Elvis website.

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