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updated 09.05.2002
The Maid Of Ballydoo   Maids When You're Young   The Mail Will Go Through   Mama's In The Sky With Elvis   Man Of The Earth   The Man With The Cap   Manchester Rambler   Manly Ferry Song   The Mantle So Green   Many Young Men Of Twenty   March Of The Cameron Men   Mardy   Margarita   Mary Alice Jones   Mary And Me   Mary And The Soldier   Mary Ann   Mary Cecilia Brown And The Hollywood Sign   The Mary Ellen Carter   Marilyn   Mary Mack's Mother   Mary Parker's Lament   The Massacre Of Glencoe   Maybe Another Day   The May Morning Dew   May There Always Be Sunshine   McAlpine's Fusiliers   McCafferty  

updated 27.05.2002
Me and Bobby McGhee   The Media   Melville Castle   The Men Behind the wire   Men From The Rigs   Men of Knoydart   Men of the Sea   The Mermaid   Mermaid Song   Merry England   Message From Mother Earth   Messing About On The River  

updated 28.05.2002
Michael Blann's Drinking Song   Midnight Special   The Military Parade   Miller O' Dron   Miner's Wife   Mingulay Boat Song   The Misguided Missile And The Misguided Miss   Mistress Music   The Molly Maguires   The Month of January   Montreal, December '89   Montrose   The Moon Was A-Waning   Mormond Braes   Morning Song   The Most Amazing Thing Of All   Mothers Daughters Wives   Motorway Song   Mrs Canatelli   Mrs. Clara Sullivan's Letter   Much Too Much Trouble   The Music Of Healing   Music Of The Loom   The Musical Group   My Blue Pullover   My Favourite Song   My Friends   My Home Town   My Love's In Germanie   My Old Man I   My Skies   My Sweet Lady  

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