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The Mantle So Green

  • (Trad)

    As I went a-walking one morning in June
    To view the fair fields and the meadows in bloom
    I spied a fair female, she appeared like a queen
    In her costly fine robes and her mantle so green

    I stepped up to her, put her in surprise
    I own she did not know me, I being in disguise
    Says I, Fairest creature, will you come with me
    Oh we'll join in wedlock and married we'll be

    She says, Oh no, young man, I must be excused
    For I'll wed with no man, so you must be refused
    To the green fields I will wander, to shun all men's view
    Since the lad I love dearly is in famed Waterloo

    Since you will not marry me, will you tell me your love's name
    As I was in that battle I ought to know the same
    Draw near to my garment, for it's there to be seen
    His name is embroidered in my mantle of green

    At the raising of her mantle it was there I beheld
    His name and his surname in letters of gold
    Young Willie O'Reilly appeared to my view
    He was my chief comrade in famed Waterloo

    Your love and I fought where the bullets did fly
    And in the field of battle his body does lie
    We fought for four days till the fifth afternoon
    He received his death-summons on the eighteenth of June

    When she heard the sad news she fell into despair
    With the wringing her hands and the tearing her hair
    To the green fields I will wander to shun all men's view
    Since the lad I loved dearly lies in famed Waterloo

    Oh Nancy, lovely Nancy, it was I won your heart
    In your father's garden the day we did part
    In your father's garden so plain to be seen
    I rolled you in my arms in your mantle of green

    And now this couple's married, I've heard people say
    Great nobles attended their wedding day
    He dressed her in fine silk, she appeared like a queen
    In her costly fine robes and her mantle of green

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

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