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My Skies

  • (James Keelaghan)

       Take a walk under my skies, try to see it once the way I do
       If you look out through my eyes you'll find a different point of view
       Everything changes, every fact wears some disguise
       Cast off your troubles, take a walk under my skies

    Not one rule since you've been born
    That's not been tattered, has not been torn
    Not one thing you cared about
    That's not been darkened by the shadow of doubt
    Hard times

    Not one dream you can hold
    That's not been bought and has not been sold
    Not one payment you can make
    It's like a thirst you can never slake
    Hard times

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1993:] As much a celebration of the restorative powers of "being" in nature as a plea for tolerance and acceptance among the world's peoples. (Daryl Betenia, Sing Out 38/2)

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