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Muirsheen Durkin

  • (Trad / Colm O Lochlainn)

    Chorus :
    So goodbye Muirsheen Durkin I´m sick and tired of workin´
    No more I´ll dig the praties no longer I´ll be fooled
    As sure as my name is Carney I´ll go off to Californy
    Where instead of digging praties I´ll be digging lumps of gold

    1. In the days I went a-courtin´ I was never tired resortin´
      To an alehouse or a playhouse or many´s a house beside
      I told my brother Seamus I´d go off and go right famous
      And before I´d return again I´d roam the world wide
      Chorus -----

    2. I´ve courted girls in Blarney in Kanturk and in Killarney
      In Passage and in Queenstown that is the Cobh of Cork
      Goodbye to all this pleasure for I´m going to take my leisure
      And the next time you will hear from me will be a letter from New York
      Chorus -----

    3. Goodbye to all the girls at home I´m sailing far across the foam
      To try and make me fortune in far Americay
      There´s gold and money plenty for the poor and for the gentry
      And when I´ll come back again I never more will stray.
      Chorus -----

    (Words & music Trad / Colm O Lochlainn)
    As sung by Sean / Schlagsaite

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • english  [1965:] This air is sung in Connemara to Peigin Leitir Mor. I learnt the last verse in childhood and 'invented' the other two, finding nothing else but a fragment 'And now to end my story I'll marry Queen Victorey'. See B. Breatnach's 'Ceol Rince' where it is named Cailini Deasa Mhuigheo. (O Lochlainn II, 208)


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