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The Song Of The Plough

  • (Nick Keir)

    Turn, turn, the seasons turn
    The children sport and play
    But the ploughman's first to feel the wind
    And the sun at the break of day

    Just as the sun is rising so we must rise and plough
    And tend and feed the plough-team that stands so still and proud
    Their backs are strong as iron but their hearts are gentle and kind
    And yoke them to the ploughshare and leave the farm behind

    His hands are sore and calloused, he keeps them straight in line
    His eye is sure and steady, his team well-matched and fine
    The earth is hard and frosty as a mist comes from the sea
    The open sky above him, the gulls for company

    And when the land lies ready we'll scatter and we'll sow
    And with God's help and sunlight the seeds shall surely grow
    And when the harvest's ended we'll gather in the grain
    A bushel for the springtime to sow the fields again

    And now the yoking's over, the long day's work is done
    The horses are but shadows in the waning of the sun
    The ploughman needs his sleep now for his back is weary and sore
    Early he must rise again and to ploughing come once more

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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  • [1986:] In the North-East of Scotland there are still meetings where ploughmen and their teams of matched Clydesdales compete to produce the straightest furrow. The competition at Jericho, just outside Forfar, inspired this song. (Notes McCalmans, 'Peace and Plenty')

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