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Photo by Peter E. Kerkhoven for PK Communications

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Jos, Marleen, André, Mark

The Dutch band Dockside was formed in 1994 in Wijk aan Zee, a small village on the west coast of Holland by 2 members of the legendary folk band Haddock who were joined by their friends Jos Molenaar and Marc van der Meij. The music of Dockside can be described as traditional Irish music with influences of Dutch, French and Scottish folk music combined with contemporary acoustic music. With a timeless repertoire of heartbreaking ballads, rousing drinking songs, songs of battle as well as jigs, reels and hornpipes, Dockside have captured audiences all over Europe.

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circle of 40 fingers - yes - All Hands On Deck

Their new 18 track (!!) CD "All Hands on Deck" features amongst others lovely ballads like Song for Ireland, Kilkelly, the Vision, the Crow on the Cradle, a Dutch shanty called de Zoute Zee, up tempo songs like The Galway Races and a tranquil piano piece called Brian Boru's March, an 11th century instrumental that was written to commemorate the Battle of Clontarf.


Mark van de Meij Vocals, accordion, grand piano
Jos Molenaar Vocals, double bass, guitar
Marleen Plooy Vocals, violin
André Uitgeest Lead vocals, guitar, banjo, whistles

Cd's: And We All Sang Along Like Before (1996)
All Hands On Deck (2001)

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Dockside with Maurice Whelan and Paul
Henry's photos at 'The Irish Dinner 2006' in Hollenstedt
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