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Die Haddock Story

    Still Alive

    German Das erste Mal traf ich diese wirklich gute Irish Folkband aus Holland 1989 im  Hollenstedter Hof, wo jedes Jahr Anfang Februar ein Irish Folk Meeting stattfindet. Freitags ist Livemusik im Saal, Samstag Irish Dinner erster Klasse - hier ißt der Chef persönlich ! Seit 15 Jahren sind die Haddocks fester Bestandteil dieser Veranstaltung. Seit ich 1990 das Vergnügen hatte, dort ebenfalls zu spielen, freuen wir uns jedes Jahr auf ein Wiedersehen. Deshalb ist es nur logisch, guten Folkfriends ein eigenes Plätzchen einzuräumen. Haddock nennt sich heute DOCKSIDE und stellt in dem Inlay ihrer 1986 aufgenommenen und später erschienenen CD die Story der Gruppe wie folgt dar :

    english It was in 1989 when I first met this very good Irish Folkband from the Netherlands at the Irish Folk Meeting in  Hollenstedt where they have played every event during the last 15 years. From the inlay of their 1986 recorded and later compiled CD Still Alive I took their story as it is written there :

    The Haddock Story

    The Dutch group Haddock was founded an occasional band at a party mid 1977, laboriously playing between two gambling machines pushed aside. The opinions on that first performance were much devided, i.e. the band was quite satisfied, the public was not. In order to meet the public's demands after all, the Haddock members of the very start, Theo Bos, Jeroen Stam, Andre Uitgeest and Hans Tieman , decided to first do some rehearsing before performing.

    After the first turbulent period which, besides excessive drinking, was also characterized by enthusiasticly played music, performed in a rather defective style, came the period in which Haddock found its final form. From that moment on, quality, next to sociability, played an important part as well. Violinist Karel van der Berg joined the group and Haddock deliberately adopted a repertory consisting for the greater part of Irish Ballads, drinking songs and songs of battle. All this resulted in the LP "DOCKSIDE", published in 1981.

    Before the recordings Hans Tieman had already left the group and Karel van der Berg followed him a good year later. Haddock found good substitutes in Peter Janssen and Marleen Plooy and continued it's adopted course. The result of this can be heard on the LP "STILL ALIVE", recorded on the 12th of April 1986 in the Haarlem Concert Hall. For this occasion Ronny Drew of the Dubliners joined Haddock in a couple of songs.

    Later that year Haddock performed successfully in Pittsburg (USA) amidst celebrities like Ray Stevens, Chat Atkins and Boots Randolph. In May 1988 Haddock was invited to represent Ireland in a historic folk park called Silver Dollar City in Missouri (USA) which is owned by Dolly Parton. For three weeks the Americans enjoyed the Dutch Irish Music at the Dockside Theatre in Branson, Missouri.


    NL In 1998 I received this message :

    My name is Peter W Janssen and I am a former member of the Dutch folkgroup Haddock.
    About 4 years ago Haddock decided to stop and split up. Andre, Theo and Marleen formed, with two other people, the new group DOCKSIDE. Jeroen already was a member of the Irish folkgroup Bangers & Mash and I joined them a year later.
    I invite you to visit the Bangers & Mash website and maybe you could link our site to your story?
    Greeting from Bangers & Mash
    Peter W Janssen

I am glad to do so ---   Bangers & Mash

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