Airds Tunes Vol. 1 / midi files # 1 - 100

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Airds Tunes Vol. 1 / midi files # 1 - 100

A midi collection from Richard Robinsons Tunebook
© read the copyright notice and some notes from Richards homepage
The midi files were sequenced by
© Ron Clarke.


Sit back and enjoy at least 100 midi sequences from the Aird Tunes Volume 1 # 1 - 100. Just minimize this window and enjoy up to 2 hours of continuous music played in random and unique order.

When ever you hear a tune you like, switch back to this window and read the title of the tune at the status line. I placed some buttons at the top of this screen for you:

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  • To skip a tune, just reload this file with this link or with the next tune button.

  • If you find a tune of your interest while listening, click the stop button to reset the timer. The tune will stop at it's end to give you a chance to watch the musical notation and/or to repeat the tune. You can start this collection again.

  • If you want to embed musical notation, MSIE browsers click the sheet icon, NScape browsers use the separate sheet link. The timer will always be reset. It is not perfect at all, but you can repeat and learn the tune at this state. Remember to start this collection again.

  • With vanBasco's midi player (comes with plugins for BBB = both big browsers) you can speed up or slow down the tempo of the tune is played - you can even adjust the tunes scale 12 notes up or down to fit with your instrument !

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