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Aird's Tunes I, sheets & midi files # 1 - 99

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Aird's Tunes I
Aird's Tunes I / # 100 - 200
simple Midi files # 1 - 99
Copyright notice and music reference

The Ranting Highlandman
The White Cockade
: 00000001.mid

Quick Step. 25th Regt : 00000002.mid

The Lads of the Village : 00000003.mid

I'll Touzle your Kurchy : 00000004.mid

The Lady's play thing
Gen Howe's March
: 00000005.mid

The Oyster Wives rant
Muillean Dubh
The Black Mill
The Black Mull
: 00000006.mid

Quick Step. 17 Regt : 00000007.mid

Quick Step. 21th. Regt: 00000008.mid

The Moon and Seven Stars: 00000009.mid

The Grand Parade: 00000010.mid

The Corporal: 00000011.mid

The Queen of Hearts: 00000012.mid

The Duke of Gloucesters Quick March: 00000013.mid

The Irish Hautboy: 00000014.mid

Bung Your Eye: 00000015.mid

Quick Step Old Buffs: 00000016.mid

Quick Step 71st. Regt: 00000017.mid

For a' that and a' that: 00000018.mid

The 22nd. Regts. Quick Step: 00000019.mid

Jollity: 00000020.mid

The Campbell's are coming: 00000021.mid

Jackson's Morning Brush: 00000022.mid

The Miners of Wicklow: 00000023.mid

Carlen is your Daughter Ready: 00000024.mid

Lango Lee: 00000025.mid

Turkish March: 00000026.mid

The Widows Rant: 00000027.mid

Rob: Down: 00000028.mid

The Bath Medley: 00000029.mid

Gentle Ann: 00000030.mid

Wood Nunrich fair: 00000031.mid

Highland Laddie: 00000032.mid

The Recruiting Officer: 00000033.mid

Thro' the Lang Muir
Wandering Willie

EMin / dorian/minor/phrygian pentatonic

We'll gang nae mair to yon Town
: G / almost major/mixolydian hexatonic

White Jock: 00000036.mid

Quick Step the Troopers: 00000037.mid

2nd Quick Step 2nd Battn. Royals
Aird has two sharps, this must be a typo :

Had the Lass till I win at her: 00000039.mid

Warkworth Castle: 00000040.mid

My Wifes a Wanton wee thing: 00000041.mid

The Hay Makers: 00000042.mid

The High Way To Dublin: 00000043.mid

The Lee Rigg: 00000044.mid

Dance in Queen Mab: 00000045.mid

The Millers Rant: 00000046.mid

The Royal Glasgow Volunteer's Jig: 00000047.mid

Major's Maggot
Hp / fits the G-a bagpipe scale: 00000048.mid

Willie Was A Wanton Wag: 00000049.mid

St. Patricks Day In The Morning: 00000050.mid

The Cow Behind The Haycock: 00000051.mid

The Black Dance: 00000052.mid

The Lads of Dunse: 00000053.mid

Cottillon: 00000054.mid

The Carle He Came O'er The Craft
AMix / fits the bagpipe:

Quick Step Genl. Burgoynes: 00000056.mid

East Nook of Fife: 00000057.mid

Irish Billy: 00000058.mid

Johnie's Grey Breeks: 00000059.mid

Johnie's Grey Breeks. for the Ger: Flute: 00000060.mid

Hopeton House
Sweet Molly

Albina: 00000062.mid

My Mother's ay Glowring o'er me
A Health to Betty
Katy's Answer

: 00000063.mid

The Marquis Of Granby's Delight: 00000064.mid

The Female Hero: 00000065.mid

Lango Lee. New way: 00000066.mid

The Faithfull Shepherd: 00000067.mid

The Ducks Dang O'er My Dadie
The Deuks Dang Oer My Daddie
The Bairns Gat Out Wi An Unco Shout

The Cream Pot: 00000069.mid

Sr. Alexr. Mc.Donald's Reel: 00000070.mid

Bonny Breast Notes: 00000071.mid

Quick Step. La Prominade: 00000072.mid

Quick Step. Turkish: 00000073.mid

Duncan's Dance: 00000074.mid

Little House under the Hill: 00000075.mid

Miss Ramsay's Reel: 00000076.mid

Roast Beef: 00000077.mid

A Spanish Jigg: 00000078.mid

Allemande: 00000079.mid

The Fyket: 00000080.mid

I's Rather Have A Piece Than A Kiss Of My Jo: 00000081.mid

Charles Street Bank: 00000082.mid

Miss Katie Hall's Reel: 00000083.mid

Rural Felicity
Haste to the Wedding
Trip to the Dargle
Carrick Fergus
The Small Pin Cushion

Tulloch Gorm: 00000085.mid

Quick Step 37th Regt: 00000086.mid

McDonalds Quick Step: 00000087.mid

The Female Rake : 00000088.mid

Quick Step 4th. Regt: 00000089.mid

Port Patrick: 00000090.mid

The Highlandman Kiss'd his Mother: 00000091.mid

Well done Jock: 00000092.mid

The Bottom Of The Punch Bowl: 00000093.mid

Quick Step 15th. Regt: 00000094.mid

Where Will Our Goodman Lye: 00000095.mid

Cupid's Recruiting Serjeant: 00000096.mid

Kiss Me Sweetly: 00000097.mid

Marquis of Granby - Shambuy.: 00000098.mid

Quick Step Fusileers: 00000099.mid

Aird's Tunes I / # 100 - 200

Aird's Tunes I